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    Ok at the start of the Off Season I said the we would need a brilliant offseason. What we got was Seymour resigned, Kicker replaced, key offensive additions and player development inside the organization.
    True to value, BB/Pioli did not bring in any talent not determined to be great value.
    I really like our games schedule for this and next year.

    Right now barring Injuries, most of the team seems set for another run.
    You have to love the depth at RB and TE right now.
    In any case it is obvious that Branch MUST play at least 7-10 games for us, but he never played last year in preseason either.
    Kicker seems solid if not improved.
    The offseason is not yet over and our remaining weaknesses are likely to be bandaged somewhat.
    Right now in 2007 we will be flush with picks (12) and cap space.
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    I too think this TC and off season is shaping up to be just fine.

    Of course there are some minor setbacks but the entire draft class looks pretty good, and the FA from this year and also seem to be working out.

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