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EMT Charity event

Discussion in 'Massachusetts Patriots Fans' started by played1, Sep 15, 2009.

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    Sep 15, 2009
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    My name is John U. I work for Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital's Ambulance division. I am EMT and we are trying to raise money for one of our brother's. Recently my partner Kevin was diagnosed with terminal liver and lymphnode cancer. We are going to have a benifit with a raffle (hopefully at The Draft in Brighton) on October 30th at 8 pm. We need help! Spaulding and it's parent company Parners Health Care will not sponsor or even be a part of this event. The patriots will not help us because we as individuals are looking for help. Honestly, we need a couple tix for any game after October 30th. We are not looking for great seats, just seats. If anyone has any tickets this season they are not planning on using please contact me at: [email protected]. Our plans are to just to get anything we can from any team in the Boston area to donate for a raffle to pay his medical bills and funeral expenses. Unfortunately, according to doctors, Kevin is not expected to attend due to the progression of his cancer.
    Kevin has been an EMT in the Boston area for 18 years at Spaulding and other companies. Kevin has touched countless lives and now finds himself in trouble. He is my partner on the truck and a good man and he needs you. So if your planning a vacation or know you can't make a game, please donate them to Kevin.
    John U.

    [email protected]

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