eli is our daddy

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  1. Sean Pa Patriot

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    and belichick is not a defensive genius and brady is no way joe montana... eli is more closer to joe montana... then tom brady nuff said
  2. Tunescribe

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    Go play in traffic. Please. I recommend the intersection of Route 495 and Route 93, about 8 a.m.
  3. English Patriot

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    Montana all but said that Brady is him if you actually listen to the man you're comparing him to. Drive off a bridge man or be grateful you don't have retarded QB's like the Dolphins have had since Marino because we could very well be them once Brady is done.
  4. kpreh

    kpreh On the Game Day Roster

    Wow is this op even a patriot fan seems like every comment he/she makes is negative.

    You almost want to tell he/she to go find another team to cheer for.

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