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    Q: Why is the story always about the media and their personal feelings toward sports figures?

    I really don't care about that. All these reporters who are judging Belichick's personality and behavior as a human being are basing it on his ill treatment of them as members of the media.

    Who cares how he treats the media? How does he treat his players? How does he treat his family? How does he treat ordinary people? How does he treat those who are down and out?
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    That's really stupid. The media gives him grief because he doesn't give them much to work with, but why should he? How does it help the team to be direct with team information?

    For that matter, why are there even injury reports (besides helping create the Vegas line, I mean)? Why does a coach have to reveal the likelihood of his starters playing the following Sunday and help opposing coaches with their preparation? Would a HS coach call up his rival and say, "Listen, my best RB tweaked his ankle on Tuesday, so instead we're going to open up in a double slot formation,"? Of course not.

    Just finished watch another episode of HBO's Hard Knocks, where teams open their doors to video cameras and let outsiders see how they work. Yet another reason to have faith in BB: his sound judgment in keeping the media away as much as he can. Here's hoping he continues not to care.

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