Edinger vs Vinatieri

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    Here are some interesting stats.

               1 - 19       20-24     30-39      40-49      50+
    Adam       100          92          82         70       47
    Paul       100          94          67         72       66 
    Now look at % of total attempts at each range

                                 % Attempted 
               1 - 19       20-24     30-39      40-49      50+
    Adam        2           33          28         31        5
    Paul        1           21          27         37       13 
     ( Note:  Percentages were rounded so they don't add up to 100%)
    One thing to note 50% of Pauls attemps came from 40+ range while
    only 36% of adams came from this long range.
    This would tend to give Adam the better overall percentage.

    Also note in the last 3 years Paul made 9 Fgs from 50+ yds
    while Adam has made none.

    Another thing that hurt Paul's overall percentage was for some reason
    he kicked poorly in the 30-39 yd range in the last two years.
    From preevious years he should be better at this range.

    Add to this a report that says Paul is also and outdoor kicker who has
    demonstrated he does well in clutch situations.

    I for one would be very happy to get this kicker to replace Adam.
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  2. Alk

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    The first question guaranteed will be. "Yeah, but how many clutch super bowl fgs has Edinger made? blah blah blah." I think he would be a good replacement for Vinatieri.
  3. BelichickFan

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    That's what stuck out to me last night. There's no doubt he has more leg than Vinatieri. I wonder if he has a bad streak and just happened to be kicking FG attempts in the 30s during it . . . there's no logical explanation for having a better % in the 40s than the 30s.
  4. mgcolby

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    Great fact finding. The 30-39 yard range seems very odd. But the guy kicked in the toughest place to kick in the NFL, Chicago and he went to college at Michigan State, not exactly kicker friendly environments.
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  5. jct

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    Let's move on...
    Sign him up!
  6. PatDaPatriot

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    I don't think it's unreasonable to be concerned about the "clutchness" factor. Vinatieri was dependable when the game was on the line. Like a safety net. That's not easily replaceable...

    That said, Edinger would be a solid stop gap. He's got a strong leg, and has significant experience kicking in the cold. However, I'm all for the Pats bringing in some training camp competition...
  7. bucky

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    All I know is if we get Vanderjerk, I'll puke every time he goes out to kick a FG.
  8. flutie2phelan

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    Sounds real good.

    Are his kickoffs ... commensurately longer?
  9. Miguel

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