Edelman cut thread revisited

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Ice_Ice_Brady, Nov 6, 2011.

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  1. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Ice_Ice_Brady In the Starting Line-Up

    Several weeks ago I posted a thread stating that Edelman should be cut (since we could at least use another roster spot rather than having a completely useless player out there.) Lots of you replied that I was overreacting to a loss, that loss wasn't Edelman's fault, etc., and you laughed at me for even stating that thread. I had argued, not that Edelman was instrumental in the loss to Buffalo, but that I had officially seen enough to be convinced this guy is a liability and not worth keeping for his ST play.

    So, I'm wondering if anyone would reconsider their opinion right now.

    Edelman has been with the team for three seasons, and he peaked in his second game in 2009, when he had over 100 yards against the Jets. Everyone was very excited about him, and the last three years have been spent deluding ourselves into thinking he could be a great backup for Welker. Initially he seemed to be a great project who would ultimately bloom into an NFL wide receiver.

    Edelman has definitely lost a step. He is not even a fast punt returner, and his acceleration is no longer marveled about. In addition, he seems to make poor decisions on where to return punts very frequently.

    In the offense, his addition is completely worthless. He isn't even a good gadget guy in the mold of Brad Smith or Anwan Randel-El. He has Ben Watson syndrome, where nearly every pass seems to hit his hands but not get caught, yet it never seems like his fault.

    I get frustrated watching the Pats lose like everyone else, and we all have scapegoats in our heads... but the problem with Edelman is he will never be good. It's time to get someone out there that can be a decent kickoff/ punt returner, and it's time to give Taylor Price a shot, as soon as he is health. Meanwhile, Chad Ochocinco is no longer worthy of discussion because it is so obvious he should not have come into this offense.
  2. randomk1

    randomk1 In the Starting Line-Up

    #12 Jersey

    He doesn't seem to offer anything so i don't care if he is gone or not. As of right now our ST needs an upgrade.
  3. Sciz

    Sciz PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    It says a lot that Bill was willing to put him back to receive a punt after he had already fumbled one. Don't get your hopes up.
  4. JFK

    JFK Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Is Tracy White more useful to the Pats than Edelman? Is Ocho more useful?
    Edelman is not the problem. He made a mistake because he tried too much. He is our best KR/PR
  5. Lavictoire

    Lavictoire Practice Squad Player

    Agreed.Cut Edelman and Ocho. Play Price and put Ridley or Slater in as punt returners. If necessary-- CALL IN MOSS!
  6. coolguy

    coolguy Banned

    A couple of weeks ago i would have said no.

    What good is edelman? i would rather have dan connoly returning kicks
  7. jbb9s

    jbb9s In the Starting Line-Up

    his value is to play Welker's position for 2 or 3 games a year when Welker is hurt. He has no other value to the team. Faulk can probably return punts for the rest of the year assuming he is activated. So what I propose is that he is saved from being cut but only activated if Welker is injured.

    The good news is that the Wes Welker syndrome has caught on in college ball and there are lots of quick slot guys that BB can pluck in the later rounds to replace Edelman when his contract is up.
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  8. ctpatsfan77

    ctpatsfan77 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    #3 Jersey

    Two things to point out:

    (1) BB generally does not go the Benny Sapp route with players unless they show lack of effort or otherwise cause problems in the locker room.

    (2) The return game is not, as many people often think, 1 vs. 11. It is, in fact, 11 vs. 11, and the problems in the return game often lie with the 10 up front.

    Is it possible Edelman gets cut? Sure. Is it likely? No more likely than Matthew Slater getting cut.
  9. mgteich

    mgteich PatsFans.com Veteran PatsFans.com Supporter

    Perhaps Edelman should be inactive. That may happen if Price is healthy. Edelman is our best backup slot receiver.

    What about Ochoccinco? Perhaps he should be benched and made inactive.

    The question regarding Edelman is whether belichick replaces him as a returner. Even so, he would be on the inactive roster.
  10. Snake Eyes

    Snake Eyes Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Edelman messed up with the fumble but at the same time the Giants covered their kicks very well, there's plenty of blame to go around for the poor kick receiving today.
  11. Bravo777

    Bravo777 In the Starting Line-Up

    #12 Jersey

    I say we cut him. He doesn't contribute anything.
  12. JFK

    JFK Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    He isn't the only guy returning. Do the other guys have better returns? The problem is the other guys/blocking.
  13. blackglass3

    blackglass3 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    #11 Jersey

    I've never understood all the ball washing Edelman gets on here. It's just another stubborn Belichick "chicken sh!t into chicken salad" experiment. Just because Vrabel caught a bunch of TD's at TE doesn't mean any player can be coached up to play any position. I'd rather have Tate on the roster returning kicks than watch Edelman's Crappy Version Of Wes Welker routine.
  14. TheSolderKing

    TheSolderKing In the Starting Line-Up

    I'd trade Edelman for Tate in a heartbeat.:) We CUT the WRONG guy
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  15. vuudu

    vuudu In the Starting Line-Up

    I just knew he will have his moment today. Boy what a week Eldelperson.
  16. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    Palm Beach Pats Fan In the Starting Line-Up

    #12 Jersey

    I'd much rather have him on the team than Ocho. How many drives today were stalled by trying to throw the ball to Ocho? Too many, for sure

    PATSYLICIOUS Pro Bowl Player

    #12 Jersey

    I don't know how he looks so awful at times and so great at PR other times. Let's not forget how good he's been at PR.

    We have no better options in the return game. If I were to agree with him getting cut it'd have more to do with his arrest. If he's on, he's a game changer and the last 2 playoff games showed that, if only our offense wasn't so damn inept in those games he could've been a playoff hero.
  18. Disco Volante

    Disco Volante Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    #12 Jersey

    Bump for everyone to revisit yet again.
  19. PatriotsInGA

    PatriotsInGA In the Starting Line-Up

    #11 Jersey

    Julian Edelberg...err Edelman is the best player tonight.
  20. warx

    warx On the Game Day Roster

    Apparently changing his name to Troy Edelman was all he needed.
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