Economy needs Tom Brady to create more jobs

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    Look at the high-paying jobs he single-handedly created:

    Current Jobs
    Matt Cassell (who?) - $60M over 6 years as starting QB of KC (no experience needed)
    Josh McDaneil (who?) - Head Coach of Denver Nuggets
    Scott Pioli - General Manage of KC Chiefs
    Thomas Dimitroff (who?) - General Mangers of Atlanta Falcons
    Eric Mangini - Head Coach of NY Jets and Cleveland Browns
    Romeo Crennel - Head Coach of Cleveland Browns
    Charlie Weis - Head Coach of Notre Dame
    Bill Belichick - Head Coach of New England Patriots

    Future Jobs
    Matt Gutierrez - Starting QB of Buffalo Bills - $80M over 7 years
    Kevin O'Connell - Starting QB of Minnesota Vikings - $100M over 8 years
    Nick Caserio (who?) - General Manager of Buffalo Bills
    Tedy Bruschi - Head Coach of Buffalo Bills
    Robert Kraft - Commissioner of NFL
    Jonathan Kraft - Owner of NE Patriots

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