Dynasties: Pats vs 90’s Cowboys

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    Dynasties: Pats vs 90’s Cowboys

    With QB Troy Aikman and WR Michael Irvin on the list of this years finalists for induction into the hall of fame Howard Balzer of sportsline.com has written a piece - http://www.sportsline.com/nfl/story/9161477 - about how the Cowboys were the last true dynasty.

    Per Balzer:

    “There is no arguing that what they've done, winning three Super Bowls in four years, is tougher than what the Steelers and Cowboys achieved because New England has done it in the age of free agency, the salary cap and ‘parity.’

    But what's also true is the quality of the Patriots' title teams don't come close to that of the Cowboys and Steelers in terms of high-caliber individual ability.â€

    Not to be the total homer but I hate this crap.

    While the Cowboys were a great team and had an unbelievable amount of talent they never had to deal with:

    A) the salary cap
    B) injuries

    What the Pats have done has perhaps made them the perhaps the BEST dynasty.

    Also when Balzer writes, “Outside of quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick, there aren't any Patriots who can be considered virtual locks for Canton. After that it's a bunch of maybes such as kicker Adam Vinatieri, safety Rodney Harrison, linebacker Tedy Bruschi, cornerback Ty Law, defensive tackle Richard Seymour and defensive end Willie McGinist†he is being a little short sighted. Most of the Cowboys played several years AFTER they won 3 of 4.
    How many of them looked like “locks†in 1995? Look at the Pats how were part of “run†and think about where there careers might end?

    Brady – Stats at this point are irrelevant. Hall of Fame lock.
    Bruschi – Learning to play LB early in his career and the stroke will hurt his overall numbers. In 2003-2004 I would put him up there with any LB in the game. Longshot to make the hall unless he has a few more years like ‘03/04. If Pats win another S.B his stock will go up.
    Dillon – Only been part of the team for two years. This year has been bad – 733 yards 12 TDs – but he is currently 17 on the overall rushing list with 10,429 yards. If he can rebound and have a few more decent years – 1,000-1,100 yards) he will end his career with close to 13,000 yards which would put him 7th on the list. With his age though it is unlikely.
    McGinest – All time Post season sack leader but his career stats are not eye popping – 666 total tackles / 78 sacks). Only had double-digit sack total once in his career. Would need to play a few more years or finish the plays the way he played against Jacksonville. Longshot to make the hall.
    Seymour – Career stats are lacking but that is because of the system. Already a 3 time All-pro
    Law – His stats – 46 career INTs, 3 SB rings – make him almost a lock. He has 1-2 more even average years and he should be in.
    Harrison – His reputation has hurt him. Only 2 Pro-bowls – none as a Patriot – even though he has been arguably the best SS in the league over the last decade. His numbers are far superior to Dallas’ SS Darren Woodson (see below) who is consider to have a solid chance to get in the hall. If Woodson goes, Harrison HAS to go in.
    Milloy – A four time Pro-bowler (4-time Pro Bowler) whose career numbers (see Below) will give him an outside shot. Will need to end his career on a winner or put up stats to inflate his numbers over the next few season.

    Year G Total Tckl Ast Sacks Int Yds Avg Lg TD Pass Def
    Woodson 178 965 800 165 11 23 271 11.8 94 2 83
    Harrison 158 1064 820 244 27.5 31 357 11.5 75 2 71
    Milloy 155 1030 715 315 15 22 143 6.5 30 1 44

    I’m not saying the Pats have as much “talent†as the Cowboys. I’m just saying not to sell these guys short. When all is said and done Kraft, Belichick, Brady and Seymour will be in and I think Harrison and law will be in as well.
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