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  1. MadForPlaid

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    The newest version of my dynamic, interactive 2006 NFL Schedule is now complete!

    I have incorporated data from NFL.com and DirecTV.com, while accounting for all byes, games, times, networks, NFL Sunday Ticket channels, etc!!


    To view a particular team's schedule, click on their helmet image to open up a new browser window displaying their 2006 NFL Schedule. Additionally, I have provided quick reference images/radio buttons below the current team's crest image to view and alternate between each division opponent's schedule.

    The week radio buttons are used to display in a new browser window the schedule for a given week including all byes and games for each team.

    Within all schedules, team as well as week, click on an image to open up a new browser window of that team's official website, NFL.com, or SuperBowl.com respectively.

    Regarding any formatting/display issues, I have tailored the website for Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) only since the coding takes such an extensive amount of time. Simply use IE (screen resolution: 1024 by 768 pixels) instead of other browsers!!

    Hours upon hours go into this code every year. The reason being because NFL.com and DirecTV.com continually change their websites, i.e. update their look and feel! This forces me to rewrite my code to capture all schedule data accordingly.

    I use VBA (Excel web query macros) each year to generate the JavaScript code used to populate all the data. Without VBA, manually creating the JavaScript would be a nightmare for each new season's schedule.

    Others have suggested tailoring the NFL Schedule to a user's location, i.e. time zone, etc., factoring in local channels, and creating versions compatible with all browsers. So, for next season, these become my next challenges!

    If anyone is interested in helping, please let me know.


  2. Willie55

    Willie55 In the Starting Line-Up

    You're into plaid, are you from Maine?

    Looks cool but I could only get the front page to come up. Is it slow in loading?
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  3. jaychamp

    jaychamp On the Game Day Roster

    Not too shabby, but I think you need a vertical scroller. The page gets cut off at the bottom. And it is extremely slow loading at times.
  4. shmessy

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    #75 Jersey

    Nice. I'm guessing you live in the Pacific Time Zone?
  5. rabthepat

    rabthepat 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Cool...you did a great job...thanks.
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  6. PATSNUTme

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    Now, cut that out!:mad:

    Be more specific. "Are you from Aroostook County in Maine?" would have been appropriate.
  7. MadForPlaid

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    No, I'm not from Maine, but I guess the 'plaid' made you think so, yeah? :eek:

    Regarding the slow speed, it is likely because I have this posted elsewhere, and a number of people may have been trying to access it simultaneously!

    Please try again later.

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  8. MadForPlaid

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    So that's where the plaid clan live!

  9. MadForPlaid

    MadForPlaid Rookie


    Thanks for the kudos!

    I am planning to update the NFL schedule for all time zones this season, time permitting.

    More later,

  10. Mike the Brit

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    Disable Jersey

    Thanks, Plaid -- I must say that it's the countdown to the season that attracts my eye!
  11. MadForPlaid

    MadForPlaid Rookie


    Regarding the formatting/display issues, by starting with a maximized Internet Explorer window (screen resolution: 1024 by 768 pixels), all should be okay.

    Please let me know if this resolves the problem.

    Slowness has already been addressed.

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  12. MadForPlaid

    MadForPlaid Rookie

    Mike the Brit,

    Thanks much!!

    You're the first one to comment about that!!


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