During the first 2 weeks of free agency

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    As always, the pats will be relatively inactive (except for a possible trade) and making offers to their own free agents. We won't be parting of the initial wasting of money, especially this year.

    That beign said we could see Givens or Moulds in the fold in the next two week, or even another trade or re-sign, perhaps McGinist.

    More importantly, the pats have roster bonus decisions to make.
  2. Feep_FLA

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    Sounds like business as usual for the Patriots FO. I think your dead on with your analysis....
  3. BelichickFan

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    I'm not the least bit concerned other than our lack of WR and the scarcity in the draft and FA (once a few more sign). I do realize Belioli probably have their eye on a few lesser known WR that I would never guess.

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