Dungy comments on spygate

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    This is so passive aggressive! "Geez I hope this doesn't tarnish everything the Patriots have done, but it probably will (and should)" What an a-hole.

    I cant wait to see us wipe that smugness up and down the field on Sunday

    Dungy Calls Videotaping Incident a Sad Day for NFL
    INDIANAPOLIS – The issues of competitive advantage, of wondering, “What if?,” didn’t much interest Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy Friday.
    What did interest Dungy in the case of the New England Patriots and Head Coach Bill Belichick being punished by the NFL for improper use of sideline video equipment was what he considered a more basic concept.

    Not whether a team gained an edge.

    Not what he thinks of the Patriots, or Belichick.

    And not whether he believes such tactics were employed in previous meetings between the teams.

    What Dungy said bothered him was that the incident and the surrounding publicity meant, “really, a sad day for the NFL.”

    “It’s another case of the 99 percent good things that are happening really being overshadowed by one percent bad,” Dungy said Friday after the Colts’ practice in preparation for Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans (1-0) at LP Field in Nashville, Tenn.

    “I think it’s really a bad, bad situation for the NFL in total. Again, people aren’t talking about our product and they’re not talking about the great things that happened Week 1.

    “They’re talking about a negative incident.”

    A New England video assistant’s camera and videotape were confiscated during the Patriots’ 38-14 victory over the New York Jets last Sunday after a security officer noted he was consistently focused on Jets defensive coaches as they relayed signals from the sideline.

    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Thursday afternoon fined Belichick the NFL-maximum $500,000, and fined the team $250,000.

    Also, the Patriots – who have won the last four AFC East titles – will forfeit their first-round selection in the 2008 NFL Draft if they make the playoffs this season.

    If the Patriots fail to make the playoffs, they will forfeit their second and third-round selections.

    “I feel sorry for a lot of people involved,” Dungy said. “I feel sorry for some really good people on the Patriots that are going to be tarnished by this. I look at (quarterback) Tom Brady and (defensive end) Richard Seymour and (wide receiver) Troy Brown – those are guys I talk about to our team: the way you do things, the way you want to represent the NFL.

    “We have two guys (former Patriots) on our team, (kicker) Adam (Vinatieri) and (defensive tackle) Dan Klecko, that are the same way. They’re going to be linked now with negative. That’s too bad.

    Dungy said his feelings extended beyond players.

    “Every time I’ve talked to (Patriots Owner) Bob Kraft, he presents the type of image I know what he wants to present,” Dungy said. “I feel bad for him. He’s going to have to answer questions. He’s going to have to answer questions all the time, from here on out.


    headsets go wrong, which they go wrong everywhere – headsets go wrong at our stadium – but when they go wrong up there now, he’s going to have to answer, ‘Is it something that just happened or is it planned?’ There’s bad grass everywhere, but when the grass doesn’t grow up there, he’s going to be asked about it. That’s too bad. I feel bad for him.

    “I feel bad for young people who have looked at this organization and say, ‘These are people who won three Super Bowls. That’s what we want to be like.’ ”

    Dungy said he hopes the incident doesn’t send a message to young coaches that such tactics are necessary.

    “You don’t have to do that to win,” Dungy said. “It’s tough. Nobody wants to throw stones at anybody else. I’m certainly not throwing stones at them, but I think it’s a very bad thing for the NFL.

    “It’s just another situation we’ve had that isn’t good for us or our fans. We have to be careful. We have to make sure we don’t end up like some other sports, where the negative headlines outweigh the positive.”

    The NFL, Dungy said, is clear on the rule regarding videotaping opponents’ sidelines.

    “I don’t think videotaping is commonplace,” Dungy said. “We all got memos. We all know the rules. I’ve never heard of anybody videotaping anything.”

    Dungy said he hopes the issue isn’t seen narrowly – that the issue isn’t necessarily stealing signals or individual incidents.

    “We’re talking about breaking the rules,” he said. “I think that’s the thing that’s different in this case. That’s the part that’s too bad.”

    The Colts and Patriots have played seven times since Dungy’s 2002 hiring. The Colts are 3-4 in those games, having lost the AFC Championship Game to the Patriots after the 2003 season and beating them in the AFC Championship Game following the 2006 season.

    “I don’t think it played a big role in the losses, and that really is not what we’re talking about,” Dungy said. “I hope we get that message across, that it’s not about winning and losing or what happened in a particular game. We’re talking about not following the rules. . . .

    “We never really worry about what other people are doing. I think everybody takes precautions with their signals. But you don’t assume anybody’s breaking the rules.”

    The Patriots have won three Super Bowls since 2001. Dungy said time, the media and the fans will likely determine how the Patriots are judged.

    “That’s going to be up to you guys,” Dungy said. “That’s what I’ll be curious to see. We seem to have tarnished (Major League Baseball Career Home Run Leader) Barry Bonds. We pointed that even though he’s a great player and he’s hit a lot of home runs, because of what some people that work around him have done it seems to have tarnished him in the public opinion. We’ll see.”
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    #80 Jersey

    I hate that man. I have never wanted my team to win so bad in any game EVER... :mad:
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