Dumervil/Welker symmetry

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by Fencer, Mar 24, 2013.

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  1. Fencer

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    • The player wanted to stay even in the face of a disappointing pay cut.
    • It didn't happen due mainly to the agent screwing up.
    • One still wonders whether the team couldn't somehow have handled things differently so as to avert the problems caused primarily by the agent.
    The details are all different in the two cases, of course. (I'd even doubt whether Dumervil's agent REALLY screwed up, had Dumervil not promptly fired him.) Still, at a high level it feels as if the two situations were similar.
  2. One thing nobody is talking about is that adding Welker to the Broncos payroll may have forced them to cut/renegociate Dumervil...

    A nice parting gift from Welker to the Pats ! :)
  3. signbabybrady

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    I dont think they were mutually exclusive.

    While there seems to be some symmetry to the two events I dont think there is any cause and effect. Regardless of Wes the Broncos were already trying to renegotiate Dumerville and I doubt there offer shrunk when Wes was signed.

    What I find interesting is that both teams by reports would have liked to keep the players and both players would have liked to stay. My opinion is that the tight market caused a situation where agents and teams were playing chicken and in both cases neither party backed down resulting in large car accidents with neither party winning.
  4. patfanken

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    Ultimately, the thing that caused Welker to leave was the marketplace and not the one that set the price. It was the need for the Pats to move on Amendola or pass on him and hope Welker would come back with a counter that was acceptable.

    What most people don't get and one of my latest pet peeves is the idea that the Pats want Welker back, but only at THEIR price. Well the fact is, the price that Welker signed for in the end WAS their price. Its was just that when Welker finally realized it, the Pats had been forced by the DA marketplace to make their decision.
  5. PatsWickedPissah

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    So Welker's loss weakened the Patriots, improved Denver AND indirectly improved the SB Champ Ravens and you're pleased? :confused:
  6. signbabybrady

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    You know the one thing that irkes me about this whole thing that I dont think got enough discussion.

    I get that they had to move onto DA to make sure they didnt miss out on both DA and Wes. But why not both?

    Doing some quick math.

    Wes got 3 year 12 mil with a first year hit of 4 mil. DA go 5 27 with a first year hit of 3.5. Total 7.5. Even we split Wes even at 6 first year and second thats still only 9.5.

    Last year we paid Wes alone 9.3 and if you add Edelman there is another Mil or so. Why not take Wes back with DA replacing Edelman and Wes in the future.
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