dumb question regarding 'injury timeouts'

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  1. basement zombie

    basement zombie Practice Squad Player

    Embarassingly, this is something I've never known (or been curious enough to ask about until this moment :eek: )

    Are injury timeouts a seperate timeout that each time has a limited quantity of each game? Or, is it simply semantic and when a team has an injured player, they are forced to burn one of their 3 TOs? My guess is the former, but I've never known :bricks:

    Anyone? :)
  2. Poll

    Poll Practice Squad Player

    I don't know if they're are limited, but when a injury time out is called, the injured player has to sit out the next play.
  3. Chris

    Chris On the Game Day Roster

    i beleive if its within 2 minutes before the half and the end of the game u are charged a timeout..
  4. The Predator

    The Predator Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    A team cannot buy an excess time out for a penalty. However, a fourth time out is allowed without penalty for an injured player, who must be removed immediately. A fifth time out or more is allowed for an injury and a five-yard penalty is assessed if the clock was running. Additionally, if the clock was running and the score is tied or the team in possession is losing, the ball cannot be put in play for at least 10 seconds on the fourth or more time out. The half or game can end while those 10 seconds are run off on the clock.

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