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Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by primetime, Feb 25, 2008.

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    "Former Louisiana State University star Jacob Hester can play a hybrid role as a halfback/fullback in the N.F.L......He may wind up as an H-back type, but our N.F.L. source thinks he is the kind of guy the Patriots will draft to eventually replace Kevin Faulk, who is also from Louisiana."

    "Former Auburn star Quentin Groves' ten yard split was among the best ever at any Indy Combine. He is at Dwight Freeney and Bruce Smith's level in that sense. But many scouts think he's ill fit to a 3-4 defense and better as a 4-3 defensive end, who would be let loose to wreck havoc. Scouts tell you to look at his Tennessee Tech game, in which he did not fare well in the 3-4 base. When he went back to a 4-3 end he was a monster -- check the South Florida tape."

    From http://draftdaddy.com/blog/nfldraft.cfm

    I like Hester as a guy to replace Faulk, personally, and he could be a special teamer his first couple years in the league. The news about Groves not being a 3-4 LB is a little disheartening, though (especially when the evidence is "look at the Tennessee Tech game," since no one should ever look bad against Tennessee Tech).
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    I think that opinion concerning Groves is wrong. Also, Groves was still coming off his dislocated toes when Auburn played Tennessee Tech, and they played South Florida at the beginning of the year, before he got injured!
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    I can definately see BB wanting a Keith Byars type, seeing his experiment with Mills a couple of years ago. It may have helped aginst the Giants, having a bigger blocker in the backfield.

    What round is Hester projected to??
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