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Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by notex, Jan 11, 2007.

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    now that the years over(REGULAR SEASON, IM STILL PUTTIN MONEY DOWN ON THE PATS TO WIN THE SB).what kinda comp picks do you think were looking at and what extra picks do we have built up from other years??

    also, im not really good at the whole cap thing, but is it possible for us to sign two first round picks (plus probably 5 or 6 other rookies),TBC, Graham, Samuel all this offseason...assuming we give samuel a decent contract as well as graham...im not asking if we will...but do we have enough cap space next year assuming we give graham and samuel decent deals? i dont see TBC being a tough guy to sign he seems like a very resposible and team-oriented guy. Samuel thinks he is the sh*t tho. i really dont want to start another samuel debate i sorta just want an estimated cap space and how much it costs to sign 1st rounders and about how much cap space samuels and graham could potentially eat up. THANKS!!!:cool:
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