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Draft Patterns

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by Gator Mike, Apr 26, 2008.

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    A couple of patterns that I find interesting, with the caveat that BB and SP could easily change all of their patterns, and have in the past.

    - The only non-BCS players the Patriots have drafted in the first three rounds in the Belichick era are all offensive linemen.

    Logan Mankins (Fresno State - 1st round, 2005)
    Nick Kaczur (Toledo - 3rd round, 2005)
    Adrian Klemm (Hawaii - 2nd round, 2000)

    - The last college corner Bill Belichick drafted in the first two rounds? Eugene Wilson.

    Draft picks in the first four rounds by position since 2000:

    QB - 1 (Davey)
    RB - 3 (Redmond, Cobbs, Maroney)
    WR - 3 (Branch, Johnson, Jackson)
    TE - 5 (Holloway, Graham, Watson, Thomas, Mills)
    OT - 5 (Klemm, Randall, Light, Jones, Kaczur)
    OG - 1 (Mankins)
    OC - 0
    Total Offense: 18

    DT - 5 (Seymour, Warren, Klecko, Wilfork, Brown)
    DE - 2 (Green, Hill)
    LB - 0
    CB - 4 (Williams, Wilson, Samuel, Hobbs)
    S - 4 (Scott, Reid, Sanders, Meriweather)
    Total Defense: 15

    K - 1 (Gostkowski)

    So, history says we can probably cross McKelvin, Rogers-Cromartie, Gholston, and Rivers off our list.
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