Dr. Z's draft grades

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    He only gives the Pats a B but...

    PATRIOTS: At Bill Belichick's post-draft press conference, someone got up the nerve to mention to the coach that he seemed to have problems at LB, and uh, CB, too, and yet the team's first five picks were offensive players, including a kicker. Doesn't this seem odd? ("Odd, waddya mean, odd?" From what movie? Said by James Westerfield, playing Big Mac, the hiring boss, in On the Waterfront). I mean, it seems to be an offensive draft, does it not? And I got a kick out of Belichick's reply -- "If you take a running back in the first round and then trade up to take a receiver in the second round, it's going to be hard to have a defensive draft." The runner: the highly sought after Laurence Maroney. The receiver: Chad Jackson, No. 1 on some people's board. Then there are two really interesting TEs, Dave Thomas and Garrett Mills. And an astute observer of this column, someone who's still awake, that is, will note that I gave the Bears a low grade for doing the same thing, drafting to strength, not need. So where's the fairness, huh? Look, friend, I learned a long time ago you simply do not second-guess these babies up in Foxboro. They know what they're doing.

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    Smart guy, that Dr. Z.
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    He's an idiot ig he gave the Pats a B.
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    This is a classic quote on the Colts' draft:

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    While Dungy was pining for Maroney, Polian was trying to get the competition committee to pass a rule that all 32 teams MUST play in a dome next season.

    Fortunately neither will get what they want for next season.

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    New Kid In Town

    Greetings from the Arizona desert. Been an observer of this board for awhile so' I thought I'd drop by an say hello. i'm a long time pats fan, moved to Arizona in 89 and needless to say the Cardinals have never caught my fancy.
    Just thought i would let you know before you start barking at me. How old am I? Let's just say that Y.A. Tittle is and always will be my all time football hero.
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    These draft grades, coming out 2 days after the draft, are laughable. I read them all. But, you don't have a clue on how your draft class is until after training camp and then you just start to get a clue.

    The draft grades are more laughable than the mock drafts, which I must have looked at 250 of them over the three months prior to the draft. So, that makes me dumber than the ones that publish them.

    I say that every year after the draft and the next year I'm back looking at all of this stuff.:rocker:
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    Grandpa NEM? That you?

    in all seriousness--welcome to the board--sit back and enjoy yourself...
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    It seems most of these guys who do the grading use a standard
    that is totally biased .... there own.

    The more closely a teams drafts the way the grader think they should have
    drafted the closer to an A they get.

    An unbiased grade would look at the picks and look at how those picks
    improve the team they are grading. How can any grader look at the PATs
    picks and not recognize how much more improved the PATs offense will be
    next year? Thus Z's grades must be totally biased and not objective at all.
  11. Koettbulle

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    Did he forget about the Saints?
  12. PATSNUTme

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    Was it the YA title that played for the 9ers or the YA Title that played for the Giants, who I hate?
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    Patsnutme already asked my question, i.e., was it the Y.A. that played for the 9ers or the Y.A. that played for the Giants? Maybe both.

    I thought you might be interested in this: I recently met a guy who works for Y.A. Tittle. He (Y.A.) is still active, doing well and has a business in the SF Bay Area. The guy I met said Y.A. works full time at his business. He gave me a business card but I misplaced it. Welcome to the board from another " well seasoned" fan.
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    Who cares.......The Jets got an A and will be in last place in the AFCE, LMAO! You guys crack me up with these grades,lol.

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