Dr Z. Announcer Grades

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    He's way too nice to Nantz who was all but openly rooting for the Colts in both the AFC title game and the SB.
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    Negatives: Nantz has the charm and charisma of a funeral home director. He is neither insightful nor eloquent, and does not have the vocal range to convey excitement. He calls football with his golf voice, and his understated style lacks the timbre of Pat Summerall, who could say a great deal in few words with an almost biblical voice. Sims has an abrasive personality and will never criticize a Qb because he's friends with them. Joe Buck is a chirpy nerd who thinks his sophomoric humor is funnier than it is. He is embarrassing. MNF team speaks for itself.

    Positives. Aikman is eloquent, has an engaging personality, not afraid to rip people. Deirdorf still has passion for the game, and takes his job seriosuly. He has slip ups from time to time but he's a quality color man.

    A sleeper team of the future is Kenny Albert, Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long. They did the Sugar Bowl for Fox and I thought it was the best broadcast team I'd heard in years. When they finally send Madden off to the glue factory they should put Long and Bradshaw in the prime time booth. They were great. Another sleeper anouncer is Dave Sims who does radio work for SNF. He's fantastic and much better than Marv Albert, whose skills and powers of observation are obviously declining.

    As far as studio shows, the sooner they get Marino out of there, the better. Talk about a stuffed head. He mumbles, offers nothing insightful, seems slightly punch drunk. I always thought Qb was the most cerebral of positions, but that may not the case after watching Dandy Dan stumble through studio TV. Joe Buck is just as intolerable in the studio as in the booth. Long and Bradshaw are good, Boomer is good. I wish I could understand Shannon Sharpe better, because I actually think he has alot of humor and insight. But the timing is off, because he sounds like he always has a cold and you don;t pick up on the joke until a 10 second delay. But he pulls no punches. Other than the fact Charlie Casserly hates BB, and was a comically bad GM, he has some interesting info.
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    thank you!!!
    we were all wondering the same exact thing

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    i woulda given him negative five
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    how buck is the number one play by play for baseball and football continues to amaze me
    the guy is awful

    well, not as awful as his partner for baseball
    but thats a thread all in itself
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    I really enjoyed Vermeil and Jaworski vs the Raiders. I hope to see alot more in the near future.

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