Dont'a Hightower

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PatsFan2, Oct 21, 2013.

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  2. KontradictioN

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    He's a good enough LB. Mayo's injury forced him into doing something that he isn't supposed to be doing: covering TE's and RB's. He's not Mayo in that regard and it was exposed yesterday.
  3. PATRlOT

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    On Geno Smith's running TD, he just stood around like an idiot. If he would have ran towards Geno's direction just a second earlier, he could have tackled him and it would've been 3rd & goal.
  4. manxman2601

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    It might have looked worse than it was in that he only gave up two catches on five targets I think. There may have been some drops in there though.
  5. PatsFan2

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    When he was drafted I thought he was a guy who could rush the passer some. Chandler Jones is going to need some help from the other side, he cannot do it by himself.
  6. manxman2601

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    No, he's better than that.

    Drop him into zone and he's a good to very good coverage guy with excellent reactions and ability to close on receiver. It's just that he doesn't have the quickness to cover guys in man.
  7. Brady_to_Moss

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    he is bad in pass protection. Looked very lost out there yesterday.

    That's the ripple effect of Mayo being
  8. PatsFan2

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    Jets TE Cucumber dropped a easy one...Hightower runs so sluggish and slow that I woudn't even put him in a Zone on 3rd Downs.
  9. chasa

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    here the thing, he didnt stand around, he actually saw Geno running, and stopped turned and ran to the goal line as if he was blocking for geno.
  10. manxman2601

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    Or looking for his coverage responsibility perhaps.
  11. manxman2601

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    Dont'a Hightower pro day - 4.64 40 time.

    That is far from sluggish for a 270lb LB.

    Jeff Cucumber pro day - 4.45 40 time

    A TE with WR speed.

    This might explain why he struggled with Cumberland.
  12. JackBauer

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    I agree with this. All yesterday did was show how critical Mayo is to this defense, and really underscored how lame the "but he's not a playermaker!" critique was from his detractors.
  13. RI Patriots fan

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    It's not like Mayo has been awesome in coverage:

    "I would agree with that assessment but it’s hard to not draw the comparison between Mayo’s weak pass coverage abilities and the poor 3rd down performance for the Patriots."

    Jerod Mayo: Superstar? - Musket Fire - A New England Patriots Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.

    "Fletcher is versatile, and can play literally any linebacker position. One of his biggest strengths is in pass coverage, where he has the ability to stay with most running backs. This is an area where Jerod Mayo actually struggled and Fletcher could provide some value."

    Jerod Mayo Injury: Who Will Replace Him? - Pats Pulpit

    I know there are many people who feel Mayo is good in coverage. I'm not sure if it's not more of a case of the "lesser of three evils" rather than truly good.
  14. stelfans

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    He looked lost. But then again, he was asked to do a lot with a crippled defense. It showed.

    He'll be fine.
  15. gzathepat

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    He needs to drop some weight and do some agility training in the off season. He is a gifted player but not suited for today's pass happy league.
  16. Jackson 2

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    Which only means that, in all likelihood based upon our 3rd down defense yesterday, the Jets would have scored on the next play.
  17. celticboy04

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    Exactly, the loss of mayo was simply exposed yesterday.
  18. Snake Eyes

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    I wonder if that would be just asking him to become something he's not, I'm wondering if he'd actually be better suited to playing on the D-line.
  19. PatsFan2

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    There was players in Pittsburgh many years ago who came in the league as a LB and quickly ate his way up to the DL.:D
  20. Peachhead

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    When Spikes leaves next year in Free Agency I think Hightower takes over at MLB.

    I think part of his appeal in the draft was his versatility. He can play OLB and set the edge. In college he played very well at ILB. He even was damn good lining up at DE occasionally in college. BB loves versatile guys. Many coaches do.

    But he's north of 265 lbs. Cover LB he ain't, and it's crazy to expect him to excel in that role.

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