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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Nordberg, Aug 11, 2007.

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    How OUR team doesn't get to excited with meaningless games or plays like the other teams. I have watched many of the replay's on NFL Network...and it is unbelievable with the way other teams players and especially coaches go over the top with their celebrations during a preseason game.

    Did anyone see Wade Phillips the other night...fist pumping the whole game. Ah's practice. Watching the Steelers vs. Saints right now...and Holmes just scored a TD (nice play) but, the reaction of the Steelers bench is unreal...It's like they just won the SB.

    It's just a small observation....but, I love how when Morris scored last night...and the camera went to the Pats bench to see the reaction, and it the only thing you saw was players and coaches talking like nothing happened.

    I guess it is a direct reflection of Billy B. Why celebrate when you can be thinking about the next play or game.
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    Re: Don't you just love......

    Absolutely. It's one thing to give it up for a spectacular catch or bone-crunching hit, but some of the folks out there are just a little bit over-the-top.

    Chalk it up to being professional, to the "been there, done that" idea.

    Besides that, as you say, it's pre-season. The games are for seeing who makes the team, who stays and who goes. What needs to be worked on, what seems to be working okay, etc.

  3. PatsWSB47

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    It's called having been there. Makes me wonder why Wade Phillips reacted the way he did. Maybe he was trying to set the tone for the season or something or get some of the young guys to have confidence. Not the Bill Belichick way, indeed.
  4. WhiZa

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    You can't blame Phillips for getting excited at beating the world champions as his first game as a head coach at home with his whole family there.

    I do agree there are some players that celebrate too much and should be focusing on making the team. They must be watching too many Charger games.
  5. rabthepat

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    The Steelers coach did the same thing after beating the Saints. It was his first win and he thanked God. I guess a 1st time coach get a excited after any type of win.
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    In general the games are not meaningless,Its important to see who your best players are and to give the rookies a little boost in confidence after a great play,Nothing wrong with that.

    Sometimes an emotional reaction from the sidelines can turn a good rookie or player on the bubble,into trying even harder to make the team with encouragement.

    I like emotion on any teams sideline,either good or bad emotions.
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    What he said - Justin Rogers got a sack, I think it was something his fellows should celebrate with him, even in preseason. This is an emotional game, you don't want players flat regardless of the game, and you don't want them sack dancing when the QB trips over his C and loses a yard.

    One of the scariest things I've heard this season is the report that Shawn Merriman is going to forgo his sack dance to eliminate the distraction potential. If San Diego ever stopped sniffing their own butt for the fresh rose scent, they'd be pretty dangerous. They beat themselves with their foolishness last season, I'd be afraid if they found self-discipline.

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