Donnie Edwards..Yea or Nay?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by patpatriot, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. patpatriot

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    The Donnie Edwards trade talks are heating up again with one SD paper predicting that he will be gone within a week. Its kind of a strange situation out there where Edwards was seeking a contract extension by going around the GM and talking directly to the owner. The GM is justifiably PO'd and wants hime gone (also playing into this is some level of player deterioration and a big salary..2.5M I they have plenty of young cheap LB Talent).

    In the meantime, Edwards has developed a mysterious "back" problem that has kept him out of practice and preseason games since the get-go. The scuttlebut is that neither he nor the GM want him hurt and untradable so they are not taking any chances. NO has reportedly offered a 4th round pick for Edwards which was rejected by AJ Smith who is demanding a first day pick (could e a smoke-screen). It seems kind of high for what is essentially a "rent-a-player" situation with Edwards being an unrestricted FA next year.

    If the guy can still play, he could be part of a nice 3 man inside LB rotation here with Seau and Bru (they are all geting up there in years). This would solve the Beisel problem once and for all (as an aside, I would try to offer him and Hill to KC for Kendrell Bell). That fantasy aside, consider this LB rotation:

    Bru, Seau, Edwards-inside, Vrabel Colvin, Banta-Cain-ouside

    I could go to war with that configuration. The ony question is: What is a "rent-a-player" worth draft pick-wise. I say a lot if it gets you back to the Show. I'd offer a 4th that could turn into a third based on performanece and whether Edwards would sign an extesion here.

    What do you think?
  2. pats1

    pats1 Moderator Supporter

    I'd trade one of those 6/7 rounders we got from Cle/Arz, but that's about it.

    I've heard about having a veteran presence, but we don't want to turn the LB corps into an over-55 retirement community. TBC, Mincey, Alexander, and even :gulp: Beisel have to get their chance some day.
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  3. Alk

    Alk In the Starting Line-Up

    I would say yes. If we brought him in, that would give us a ridiculous rotation and alot of versatility. You would have Bruschi, Seau, Vrable and Edwards that could play on the inside and Seau, Colvin and Vrable that can play on the outside. It may be an old rotation but they would be downright nasty this season.
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  4. desi-patsfan

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    He would be the best LB on the team behind Vrabel, Colvin, Brushi and hmmm i think thats about it.
  5. Alk

    Alk In the Starting Line-Up

    Don't underestimate Edwards, he's a damn good ball player. He's definately better than Colvin, that much I do know.
  6. MrTibbs

    MrTibbs Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Id love to have Edwards and Bru inside and Vrabel and Colvin outside with Banta Cain spelling the OLB spot and Seau the inside.
  7. pats1

    pats1 Moderator Supporter

    Scouts, Inc:

    "Smooth flowing laterally...anticipates blockers to the spot...fluid athelete excelling in man and zone coverage...reads QBs eyes to get an excellent jump on underneath routes...excellent ball skills...good route awareness...solid in man coverage, keeping good leverage on RBs and TEs...effective on blitz, sinking his hips to hammer RBs...biggest negative is strength and ability to take on blockers...can get gobbled up at line...needs to stay free to be effective...not a hit and shed LB...explosive hitter, but is not consistent in wrapping up and finishing..."
  8. Alk

    Alk In the Starting Line-Up

    Yep, sounds good to me. :rocker:
  9. flutie2phelan

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    Well, she-et, particularly after Pats1's ScoutsInc report ... why not?

    But, as he also mentions ... are the Patriots to become collectors of antique linebackers?
    (Forget thee not, Chad Brown!)
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  10. patsox23

    patsox23 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Not for this system he isn't. Maybe at safety, but not LB. The guy weighs under 230.
  11. Alk

    Alk In the Starting Line-Up

    He's played in a 3-4 before. There is always an exception when it comes down to the whole weight thing. With our defensive line, the ILB shouldn't have to worry about shedding a whole lot of tackles.
  12. tombonneau

    tombonneau In the Starting Line-Up

    I'd give up a 3rd for him. Its not like he would just play one year. He prob. has 2-3 servicable years in him.

    I made a point awhile back about the Pats LB and BB's philosphy. Everyone clammers youth is needed at LB, but it seems to me BB's MO is to have a perpetual rotation of 27-34 yo vet LBs, getting 2-4 yrs service out of each.

    When he hits the nail on the head like he did with Phifer & Vrabel it works to perfection. But when he gets duds like Brown & Beisel, not so much.

    IMO, Edwards would be Phifer Pt. 2, only younger & better.
  13. PatsFanInVa

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    Why not? I think the 94 Chargers went to the Super Bowl... we may as well collect em all!

    Seriously folks... in the absence of a better way to use the money? Sure... but we end up with another outside guy (unless "plays bigger than his size" means WAY bigger) and the inside is where we have the biggest issue.

    Using him at safety might not be a bad idea either, letting Wilson go to corner... or to have him available at both spots would be serviceable.

    Something tells me we are going to see a LOT of defensive innovation this year, as that is the pattern for BB, to get the versatile, smart players, and when there's an opportunity, use their skills in novel ways to create the mismatches.

    Edwards' resume is golden. Some SD fans talk about how he gets dragged several yards by ball carriers, then still logs the tackle. I countered that he'd have to be really bad, since the SD defense as a whole gave up something like 78 ypg in rushing, and he was logging at the top or close to the top of all tackles on the team -- this is the sort of thing that stats go a certain ways toward determining, but game tape is crucial for.

    If we make a move for him, I am sure BB will be all over the tape, and if not he can call BoxORocks for an assist ;)

  14. Bostonian1962

    Bostonian1962 In the Starting Line-Up


    He's got a VERY bad back.
  15. Alk

    Alk In the Starting Line-Up

    Why would he play outside when he has played the better part of his career at ILB in a 3-4 system? :confused:
  16. PatsFanInVa

    PatsFanInVa Supporter Supporter

    Huskeralk, hence the rambling about how Chargers fans say he gets dragged three yards, then logs the tackle. I don't have film on him; love his stats and resume. As I remember he also was a playmaker, especially as you follow him back along the years, not just your basic run stuffer, but always involved in INTs and passes defensed -- as in, defending the pass better than the run on the inside. Well that's great but if the SD fans are right, how does that help with the possibility we'll be soft against the run w/TJ gone?

    Hence, I defer to the Tapeheads.

  17. patpatriot

    patpatriot Banned

    Could be a myth...see my original post. His back would have to check out OK. As far as his place in Beli's system, Edwards has been playing in a 3-4 system as noted. Also I believe in Beli's system one ILB is sort of more responsible for run stopping (the strong-side ILB?) while the other is more responsible for pass coverage on backs. Edwards specializes in this weakside ILB position. Sort of like the Phifer role someone mentioned previously. Phifer was no Ted Johnson clone but worked out very well for the Pats at what he did. Sporting News Scouts still list Edwards as a "Solid Starting Player". Beisel is listed as a "Marginal Starter/Good Backup". While it's unlikely that Beisel wil be starting as originally planned, I see real advantages to having Edwards take some of the pressure off of old Mr Seau and Busted Up Mr Bru. That way, they might be able to lay the whole season. I supose you could still keep Beisel around for emergency duty and ST (he was *supposed* to be a ST demon tho I've ever seen it).
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  18. stinkypete

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    #24 Jersey

    As for his role with the team, I'd be thrilled to see Edwards as a 1-2 down, coverage backer, as well as the ILB in nickel coverage. Seau could then take the running downs.

    As for compensation, let's go back to 2003. We gave up a 4th for Ted Washington, and he was only a 1-2 down player, and some will argue that he was the missing piece in that 2003 championship.
  19. Zuma

    Zuma Supporter Supporter

    #87 Jersey

    Donnie and Rodney are basically the same weight and height...and age for that matter. Interesting...
  20. Joker

    Joker Supporter Supporter

    If you can get an Edwards you take brainer

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