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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Sean Pa Patriot, Feb 6, 2006.

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    Its over and done with, I dont think the Stillers won the game, Seattle and the officals helped them win it, but now we have to hear stillers all off season, which will stick in my craw... But it's over , we are all 0-0 so lets look ahead, and hope we face the paper champions next yr in the playoffs...
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    Unfortunately we'll have to go through about a week of Steeler B.S. But it's almost over, thank God.
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    fair is fair

    for 5 years now, the american public has been subjected to branch selling cars, troy brown covering pepsi machines, brady's face everywhere, big sey and willie ray doing the boogaloo on some commercial, united way spots showing patriot players, not to mention-----the five layers of security.
    remember that patriots have been champs for essentially 5 years, so this stuff has gotten comulative. cover of tv guide, parade magazing, national enquirer, espn magazine, GQ, not to mention " The Cover of The Rolling Stone".
    i'm sure it's been almost too much for folks in indianapolis, pittsburgh, and carolina to bear. imagine ol'peyton watching tv and suddenly getting hit with one of those.
    i remember beeing SO sick of troy aikman & joe montana's face everywhere. by the way, have yoiu ever seen montana and barry manilow in the same room?
    so yeah, Let's Grow Up and Deal with a Year of the Steelers. They Earned It. It Could Be A Lot Worse.
    Think of Giants winning the damn thing. or Cowboys. or, God Forbid, the pathetic Dolts.

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