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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PlattsFan, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. PlattsFan

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    In the Globe, from d-back Andre Goodman:
    You just don't see football players say that very often. What he's saying there isn't the usual stuff about, "we just needed to execute better." Or, "we just didn't follow our gameplan." Those are what all football players say because it really means, "We stood a chance if we played like we can. We're still good."

    No, what he's saying there: "The Patriots are so much better than us, we couldn't do anything about it." Amazing.

    And it's even more amazing because these guys know they have to play the Pats again. I'm really interested to see what happens when all of these AFC East teams play the Patriots again. How will the Dolphins D feel coming out of the tunnel in Foxboro?
  2. PonyExpress

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    The only thing that can stop this team, other than the obvious injury factor, is if players take this fulsome praise from players and pundits alike at face value, get big heads, full of themselves, feel they're better than they are, become entranced by statistics... IOW, all the reactions so prevalent in our fan base. I'm afraid even a group as tightly insulated as the Pats can be infected by the overconfidence virus. I call for a media blackout in the town of Foxboro, as long as this season lasts, to protect our players and coaches from this insidious disease. And sanitize the facility ASAP with some humble pie.
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  3. JJDChE

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  4. NYCPatsFan

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    Well said!! At least our offense has a lot to back that overconfidence but I am not that convinced about our defense yet.

    Hopefully Peter King or someone brings up the spygate accusations soon. I am really hoping for it!
  5. spook75

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    Another one:

    "They did what they wanted to, when they wanted to do it, and how they wanted to do it"--Miami LB Zach Thomas on the Patriots offense


  6. PlattsFan

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    I sorta agree with PonyExpress, but I think there's a few big factors working against that overconfidence:

    1) by far the most information they get is from their coaches and their own teammates. So that's the biggest factor in how they feel, and there are too many veterans and too many great coaches to get carried away.

    2) There are quite a few personal reasons for motivation on that team. From Randy Moss trying to prove himself, to Tom Brady's competition with Manning (and I'll never believe that isn't there), to Rodney Harrison's drive to put the suspension behind him, to the internal competition among the WRs, there are just too many reasons for the players to excel.

    3) They are pissed, with a coach that wants to stomp all over everyone. They won't say it, but it's true. Has to be.

    4) They all want to be great. Not just good, but historically great. They're hungry, not to win games, but to author a new chapter in NFL history. I can just see it.

    For all those reasons (and some more), I think they're going to keep rolling. Maybe even getting better, as hard as that is to believe. Barring injury (let's face it, an injury to Moss changes the offense, and let's not even consider an injury to Brady), this team has the talent to be the best ever, and, most importantly, they want to be just that.
  7. borg

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    "You feel like you have the receivers covered," Goodman said. "You see what Donte' does when you think you can double Randy Moss, and Wes is probably one of the most unstoppable guys in that slot that you're ever going to find . . . At the end of the day, when [Brady] has time to throw the ball and he has that personnel, it's a pretty helpless feeling, because I can't honestly tell you I would've done anything different in my coverage today. I feel like they honestly earned everything they got, and that's pretty scary. "

    This guy pretty much summed up how I have felt when the Patriots have played the Colts the last few years. Apparently BB has felt the same way and now will go for the "Shoot Out" game plan with his retooled offense.
  8. BadMoFo

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    Here's that full quote:

    "Let's face it," Dolphins 12th-year middle linebacker Zach Thomas said, "they did what they wanted to, when they wanted to do it, and how they wanted to do it. I mean, they've been a great team, and [Brady] has been a great quarterback for a long time. But now they've taken it to an even higher level. I mean, what comes after 'awesome,' you know? They're going to be really hard to beat. Really hard."
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