Dolphins pursuing Javon Walker

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    Saban obviously doesnt like draft picks

    Dolphins | Team pursuing J. Walker
    Thu, 27 Apr 2006 05:50:40 -0700

    Jeff Legwold, of the Rocky Mountain News, reports the Miami Dolphins, according to a league source, have joined the discussion with the Green Bay Packers about acquiring disgruntled WR Javon Walker. Walker, who publicly has threatened to retire instead of again playing for the Packers, is under contract for the 2006 season. Walker is attending classes at Florida State University. Dolphins head coach Nick Saban was in Tallahassee Wednesday, April 26, talking with Florida State prospects in the draft, but it is not known if he met with Walker.
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    LOL, I was going to say the same thing. Walker and Chambers would be a heck of a pair though.
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    Still need a QB to toss the ball to them. The Dolphins don't quite have that yet.
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    Culpepper is a pretty good QB (if healthy) when he has WR he can just chuck the ball downfield to. I'm not saying the Dolphins would be better than us but Culpepper, Brown, Chambers, Walker is interesting although there's serious health/comeback issues with Culpepper and Walker plus Brown is still unproven as Ricky outplayed him last year.
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    sorry just started a new thread before I read this.
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    You can have all the skill players you want; if you don't have an O line you have nothing. Right now the Phish don't, and don't even have the makings to develop one in two or three years. Shelton was let go by Az and Clevland, even though neither had a replacement. What does that say? He is the most talented or the never-weres-never will-bes that Saban has to build with. Saban outright cut his own LOT from last year, busterrooni Damion McIntosh.

    The cupboard is bare. Hell, the Pats PS squad of OLinemen have more intrinsic talent than Saban has to work withas first stringers. And he has no draft choices to work with either, with no 2,3, 5, 6, this year ands a couple from 2007 gone already. Its going to be a long rebuild, and/or lots and lots of FAs.

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