Dolphins Defensive Game-plan for NE

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    Just thought you guys might find this interesting.
    Link to the rest
    Early in the season there is no way we could have done that because our secondary was still trying to get used to the scheme after being pretty much revamped over the offseason but now that they have settled in a little and aren't giving up the big plays the way they were at the start of the season it looks like we are starting to use the misdirection stuff that you guys and the Steelers have used to such success over the last couple years. This match-up between BB and Saban should be a lot of fun to watch as long as they are both in the AFC East................... The only thing I didn't like about this as a Dolphins fan is that now that BB knows what we did (the staff probably would have figured it out watching game tape but why make it easy by just telling the world?) he will undoubtedly do something to counter the next time we play you guys.
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    Ha, that explains a few things.

    Where's that thread where BB is portrayed as 'too paranoid'.... :cool:
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    Great post.

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    Interesting and makes sense. The time for some adjustments in the offense is now because others will copy, especially in the playoffs. Note that the Phins have quality coaching and smart, skilled defensive players. The bottom echelon guys might not exploit this but playoff team staffs will.
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    I hope that's true and that Saban just beat us rather than our offense really sucking as bad as it seemed tol
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    True or not, there's such a thing as adjustments. We've got work to do.

    And it's probably true, nobody guesses right that often.
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    all this information comes out only after a loss...what is to say the fins didnt do the same thing in the game earlier this yr and it didnt work ?
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    Why wouldn't teams do this all the time then?

    Adjustmens were obviously the answer and we didn't make any.

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