Dolphins Camp: New Boystown

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  1. Got this off seems to be be a man who cares little about character(Just my opinion no headbiting please)

    The Miami Herald reported that 11 of the 64 players who attended the Dolphins' minicamp, which ended Sunday,"came to camp with arrest records, or drug-test issues, or issues with previous coaches or team policies." "We're not Father Flanagan around here," Saban said. "We're not here to make people do right. We're here to support them and help them if they want to do right. But that's going to be a responsibility they have to prove. They have to come in and overcome that."

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  2. MrTibbs

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    He sounds like a guy DESPERATE for success........He'll try out a mass murderer whos the starting QB in maximum security somewhere if he thinks he can help his team win.
  3. Hoodie

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    Wow. I didn't know Joey Harrington was a mass murderer. I guess that explains a few things :cool:
  4. DaBruinz

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    Saban auditioning

    For the sequel to Adam Sandler's remake of "The Longest Yard"
  5. JJDChE

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    How dare he believe guys can turn their life around!

    The nerve of some people, eh?
  6. Tunescribe

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    Sounds like Oakland Raiders east campus.
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  7. Amnorix

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    I'm pleased by this. VERY much so. It means his game plan is significantly different from BB/SP regarding team building.

    Frankly, it also tells me that he failed to internalize/learn the lessons that BB learned in Cleveland.
  8. Hoodie

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    Or maybe Nick thinks he can change them. I wouldn't be surprised if he feels he has plenty of experience with unruly players and getting them to change their attitude. Unfortunately, I think college players are a bit different from professional. Not sure he'll have the influence over them that he had at LSU.

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