Dolphins break 2007 Patriots record for fewest turnovers in 14 games

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by PATRIOT64, Dec 21, 2008.

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    The Dolphins have broken the record set by the Patriots in the Pats historic season of 2007 by only having 10 turnovers in 14 games breaking the record of 11 turnovers in 14 games set by NE last season - Thats just 0.73% per game which obviously averages out as LESS THAN 1 turnover per game thus far - Incredible

    The record for fewest turnovers in a 16 game season is 14 set by the World Champion 1990 Giants

    Want to know a reason why and how a 1-15 team from the previous year can possibly have a good shot to win a division and double digit wins despite having a roster filled with only average talent? - DON'T GIVE UP THE ROCK

    Plain and simple ....
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    that is impressive. hopefully it's a jinx for them
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