Does ESPN and other Media outlets, forget Belichick is the coach of the team..

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Sean Pa Patriot, Sep 12, 2006.

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    Mcginnist,Milloy, Law, Givens, Vinaterri and Branch.. all gone, and I know there big losses, but come on no credit to Belichick, the Eric Allens, Claytons, Mike Irvins, all are speaking from the players side... How bout saving your comments until the end of the yr, then you could find out what kind of locker room, and team we have.. Come Tom Jackson, say they hate thier coach...

    I hate Espn...
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    Wasnt BB the coach in 2002 when the Pats went 9-7. What was that year blamed on? You have to understand these guys are not pats fans, all they see are the names that left: Branch,Givens, McGinest, and Vinateri. if last year at this time someone said we would lose all these guys in one offseason people would say it would never happen. Not every analyst has to kneel down to the Pats. Shanahan won 2 SB w/ Denver, should analysts kneel down to him, should the fans not question the Clarett draft pick because he's a 3rd round pick.
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    yeah, eric allen, who had the stench of pot coming from his hotel room before the snowbowl? (i was there; maybe a real reporter could have latched on to that story)... F'ing joke... how'd that punk do in the greatest game ever played? irvin; known crackhead? how low can networks stoop? lol... love the TJ comment... what did BB have to say to TJ after the superbowl win? classic.
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    Don't you get it yet? If Eric Allen says something good about the Pats tomorrow, someone will post it here and praise him for what he said. Despite being an opinion, it has to be in the Patriots favor or the person who said it should be fired. Get it now?

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    It's OFFICIAL-
    Pats are done-Better luck next year:p
    Have heard this crap on the way through 3 suberbowls!
    Why listen to this anymore???
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    Why are you such a prick to everyone, cupcake?
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    You are Ron Borges.

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