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Does Diversity Hurt America's Image???

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by IcyPatriot, Aug 9, 2006.

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    #24 Jersey

    I'm watching news or 60 Minutes the other night...I forget which...and they did a bit on the sectarian killing in Iraq. I was not aware that many times they post a 48 hour notice for you to pack up and leave or be killed. The Tigres river seems to be the dividing line.

    So, I'm thinking heck...I'd move but I would find a partner to trade. Sure enough, they show 2 men trading houses. Both say they hope someday to all be brothers again...but that's another subject for now.

    A good look at much of the Middle East shows outrageous racism. Like what I just mentioned, Arabs in Israel, the Palestinans, the Sunni in Iraq and so on...all live with racism everyday.

    Then you look at other countries in Europe and Zidane comes to mind...Algerians are like scum in France just to name one. I don't want to fill a page of it and I'm sure those here who have lived overseas will fill in some more.

    We have our share of racism here...but by and large people aren't killed for it, races are not forced to live in neighborhoods and so on. We do have unspoken racism but it's more of an individual thing beyond the general publics control. Actually, and I don't want to get in trouble here...there are more pockets of it in the south and midwest but that will change over time and already is. The day will come where red states and blue states will be so within several percentage points of each other which means greater diversity.

    Okay...so much for bloviating on this...But I'm wondering...when we the public...not Bush or other Presidents...but we the publicare thought of around the world...like say Iraq, Syria, Iran, Central Asia, China, Japan...blah blah blah...

    Are we frowned upon similar to what way lefties and way righties feel about moderates? Too homogenious to be passionate about the right things. Too much sinning as we mix bloods having children and we don't bash an eyelash about it. Too much of everything and not focused upon what they consider the right things.

    Not that I give a crap mind you...I'll take our mixture of people anyday as opposed to living with people who all worship the same, live the same and pretty much think the same...I would go nuts being a Shia or a Sunni for example...can't even conceive not having freedom of thought and actions.

    So all you PF people out there...especially the travelers...wht do you think about all of this thinking? Am I close? Am I off base? Am I being a racist by thinking our way is better (diversity)?

    Just wondering...seems like we get little respect...and our politicians are not helping that at all either. ;) :D ;)
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    Very interesting post. I could take several meanings from it, but at the heart of it you seem to be seeking out a reason why the rest of the world frowns on us and perhaps our melting pot is one of them?

    I've read where some radical muslims believe that is one of the most disgusting things about America. They find it deeply offensive a Jew could marry an Arab here or an Arab a white.

    But to me the more common reasons seem to center on our "cowboy" image when it comes to foreign policy and culture here at home which to may Euros probably seems dumbed down and not very sophisticated.

    I've always been interested in the culture difference between the US and Europe. For example, on TV in Europe almost anything goes. Here, broadcasters face multi million dollar fines for showing a 1 nano-second glimpse of a chick's tits.

    Conversely, those countries avoid military conflict like the plague and we're not shy about attempting to solve problems through force if we deem it necessary. I've often felt that because those countries have had 2 major wars on the continent in the last 100 years they probably comprehend the ramifications of war on a more personal basis. For instance during WWII, tough as it was on our country, and as many sacrfices we had to make to get through it, we still only saw it through newsreels. THose people stepped out their front door.

    You could go on -- artists, musicians, writers, politicians, leaders -- how many all time greats in every category come from Europe? Motzart, Shakespeare, Napolean, England's monarchy and Churchill to barely scratch the surface. So in that sense I think their culture is more evolved.

    We're still a pup as a country 230 years later compared to England, France, Italy and Germany. I've alwys found it interesting that even though we are the world's biggest super power, we have huge cities, vast technilogical resources there's still that echo of our history -- the revolutionary war, the wild west etc. -- in our culture today and the way we handle our business worldwide.

    Anyway, probably OT but it branches off into a lot of areas. I do think a lot of people across the globe see this country only through the policies of our govt. Regardless of who is president that's a bad thing.
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