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Documentary: Dr Burzynski and the corrupt FDA

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by mcgraw_wv, Nov 5, 2011.

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    I have spent quite of bit of keystrokes on this message board talking about the issue of government agencies created to protect big business, not to protect the people. EPA, FDA, and so many other government agencies are put in place, not to protect the people, but to act as a shield, and enforcement agency for big business.

    Today I watched a documentary about Dr Burzynski, a cancer researcher who has been working with a new treatment for cancer which shows dramaticly better results than typical chemotherapy treatments.

    Here is a link: Dr Burzynski movie (FULL VERSION) - YouTube

    The entire documentary is about how much effort the FDA has gone through to stop him, numerous grand juries, numerous search and siezures, and non-stop government harrasment in order to strop the doctor.


    Because he threatens one of the more powerful industries in this country, an industry which funds the FDA not only with lucrative user fees, but also with staffers.

    You ask, what is a user fee? and Why does FDA require 1 million or more in a fee simply to review a drug? the answer is simply, it's a law crafted to create a wall for small companies / individuals from getting approval from our government gate keepers, and ensure that big pharma maintains the only route to making all the money in pharmacy.

    Still, McGraw_WV, what is this doctor doing wrong which has the FDA going after him, he must be doing something wrong.

    The answer is simply, he owns his own patent on his cancer treatment, which gives him exclusive rights to the profit of his work, and that is why the big pharma complex went after him. Not only does he threaten billions in cancer drugs, and equipment profits, but the profit which is made from this research goes to him, not big business.

    This is your government. This is our governing body. Why are we not pushing more tax dollars to him, instead the FDA so far has spent over 60 million dollars in legal fees trying to stop him... every trial, he brings patient after patient to testify and every trial, no legal action is taken as no judge can possibly agree with the FDA.

    Again, watch the documentary, and watch the difficulties this doctor, who at a minimum is on to something, is harassed to the point most people would quit, he has continued.

    How do we as people continue to fund the enforcement arm of big business. Big business wants big government, they have owned these federal departments for a long time, and their full focused is for one thing. Protect and enforce the will of big business... NOT PROTECTING THE PEOPLE.
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    You're right and I agree with you. But the problem is, there are many CITIZENS who are stupid enough to believe bigger federal gov't is "good for the people" when the reality is, that is the furthest thing from the truth.

    Fphuk the federal gov't. The size of our gov't is up to us, it is not the choice of our gov't.
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    Wow ... incredible stuff there. Can it also be said that these are the same people we were going to have to trust make decisions for us under the health care bill? Also - how can we save money and line people's pockets at the same time. On YouTube right now - will the media run with it or bury it like always?

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