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Discussion in 'Boston Celtics Fan Forum' started by borg, Jun 9, 2008.

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    You are the coach. You have control over the players on the floor. Yes, you were the coach pushing the right buttons for the first 40 minutes of game 2. So I am forced to believe that you recognized that the inside game of Powe was the X-factor last night. This inside game produced the following results...baskets, fouls, foul troubles, free throws, and much frustration by the Lakers.
    So with 8 minutes to play and a 20 point lead, you decide to abandon what has worked for you...benching Powe, waiting for the shot clock to wind down, and relying on the outside shot.
    Having watched about 90% of Celts games this year, my biggest issue with the Celtics offense was their inability to score on the last shot of a quarter or half. These plays consisted of one pass and a well defended jump shot that usually resulted in a miss. Well, Doc decided to make it an 8 minute shot at the buzzer type of offense. Doc, it didn't work all season, why do you think it will work against the best of the west.
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    The perimeter defenders stopped playing defense. Pierce, Allen, Posey, they were all slow and late on rotations and the Lakers burnt them with 3's. The team got complacent, and there was nothing Leon Powe could do to help that. If I'm going to fault Doc for anything, it's for not finding a way to make the team bring the same intensity it had for the first 40 minutes to the last 8 - but ultimately, that really falls on the players and particularly the big 3.

    In the end, they won the game, and they certainly don't have to worry about the "game after the blowout" factor going into game 3.
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