Do the Saints have a new weapon? or a bust

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by pherein, Apr 25, 2010.

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  1. pherein

    pherein In the Starting Line-Up

    Just wanted to get an opinion from some of the most knowledgeable fans in the league. I hope all is good with you guys and your families. I realize you are very busy but your input would be appreciated, thanks. I am in no position to dispute any remarks, lol.

    Graham, has the possibility to be extremely good. Strong mind, intelligent, and will not give up.

    6'7" 260 lbs and ran a 4.53 40 at the combine.

    Add a 38 1/2 inch vertical and you'll have to be 7 feet tall to defend him with a ball thrown high (and I think Drew Brees has that pass down pat).

    His 10 yard dash is 1.53 and 20 yard is 2.61. That would rival a lot of wide receivers taken in this draft. Brandon Lafell is 1.55 and 2.68, just to give you a comparison. Calton Mitchell, regarded as one of the fastest WRs in this class, is 1.52 and 2.60.

    A freak some compare to gates

    and a good kid
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  2. patsfan-1982

    patsfan-1982 In the Starting Line-Up

    if he went to some other team i would say he will be ok but the fact that he has drew brees, throwing him the ball a QB that loves to use he's TE's i could see him haveing a impact even as a rookie
  3. K-Ro 25

    K-Ro 25 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    As a fan of the Canes I can tell you that if he is given time to develop he can be elite. He never will be a good blocker as his height and build will just probably make that not likely to happen. However he flashed as a big time weapon in games such as vs Oklahoma a year ago and has great ball skills. He also gets a case of the dropsies from time to time i.e. the VT game last year where he just loses focus. I like him a ton especially with the ability to learn under shockey who is a good te and as pats fan 1982 mentioned w/ Mr. Brees tossing him the rock
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  4. Crazy Patriot Guy

    Crazy Patriot Guy Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    #11 Jersey

    As has been said, give him time and he could develop. He's not going to a team that needs an immediate impact from him. That's a HUGE plus for a player like him. If we had taken him, we would need him to step up a lot sooner than he'll need to for y'all.

    I'm sure you know our starting RG didn't play a down of college football. It took him a couple years (and one release) but he's been there ever since as long as he was healthy.

    I wish him good luck as I do your team.
  5. patsinthesnow

    patsinthesnow Supporter Supporter

    #87 Jersey

    It's the perfect situation for him since he's behind Shockey and Thomas, which means he can develop.
  6. Snake Eyes

    Snake Eyes Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    How is his blocking?

    Graham strikes me as a boom or bust kind of player, he's obviously an athlete but it remains to be seen if he's a true football player as well. When you have someone that is a great athlete who is also a football player, watch out.
  7. stinkypete

    stinkypete In the Starting Line-Up

    #24 Jersey

    I'd say there's no "bust" threat to a guy who gets drafted at the end of round 3. At that point, you must have some potential to be special, but no hearts are broken if it doesn't work out.
  8. pherein

    pherein In the Starting Line-Up

    His blocking is not great, and he only pressed 15x at the combine and pro day, so he has some upper strength issues
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  9. spacecrime

    spacecrime Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    yadda yadda yadda, nice stats. We've had WRs and TEs with blazing speed and terrific measurables. That's just the minimum requirements to get the guy on the field to see if he is any good. It all boils down to this:

    1. Can he get open against NFL DBs/LBs?

    2. Can he catch the ball?

    If the answers are both yes, you're in luck. If either one is no, then you're out of luck.

    Don't think that because a guy is 6'7" that all Brees has to do is throw the ball high. The guy still has to be open. Otherwise he is a sitting duck out there with his hands up in the air as high as he can reach and as soon as he touches the ball, a SS blows him up. That would be the last time he tried that. And if he didn't catch the ball, but merely tipped it, your looking at an INT.

    Get open. Catch the ball. Measurables prove nothing except it is POSSIBLE that he can play in the NFL.
  10. Snake Eyes

    Snake Eyes Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    His long limbs will make it harder to bench, but no worries, benching is stupid. Get the kid some rings and regular lessons from a good Judo teacher and his blocking will improve drastically.

    YouTube - Ring push ups
  11. RussFrancis

    RussFrancis Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    How's Graham getting on the field? At least in the short term? Shockey and Thomas would seem to own all the PT there. I think he's 2 or 3 years away. The guy's got one year of football under his belt, and Im just not ready to make the Antonio Gates comparisons quite yet.
  12. ausbacker

    ausbacker Brady > Manning. Supporter

    #87 Jersey

    pherein why are you posting? You should still be drunk :p
  13. pherein

    pherein In the Starting Line-Up

    He is slated to play a 5th TE role behind shockey,thomas,lorenzen,humphrey, and graham. In that order. Unfortunately with the saints if you don't make the grade they will cut you even if you are drafted, so this kid could walk after training camp.
    Example is we drafted pittman as a RB and got P.Thomas as a UFA, payton cut pittman after training camp and went with P. Thomas.

    So hes not promised anything. So your insight into his abilities is helping me allot. I do see something in the kid, but hes so raw Im kind of confused about his abilities or potential, or why payton picked him.
  14. PatsFanInVa

    PatsFanInVa Supporter Supporter

    Agree re: measureables. Another way to say it: ask me in 2-3 years.


    As much as I like your Saints, especially for making Peyton make that "Wahhhh" face again, as I've been saying everywhere today the draft is a crap-shoot. May your crap-shoot turn up sevens and elevens, who have off days when they play the Pats.

    On measureables: projected nose tackle Kade Weston. Long arms, runs a 5.0 40 (carrying 315 pounds,) benches 575. Cut it down to 225 pounds, and he'll do it a mere 44 times.

    Pick #248. See what I'm sayin' here? I don't know what makes Weston a non-starter in the early rounds, but it's somethin'.

    But I'm glad to see the spare part du jour is a solidly built one, may we not have need to use it in the near future.
  15. pherein

    pherein In the Starting Line-Up

    im always drunk ausbacker pal,lol :) nice
  16. K-Ro 25

    K-Ro 25 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    They will make room for him to be a #2 or 3 I have to imagine. With his potential and ability and how raw he is you take your time with him. IF he doesnt get on the field year 1 it doesnt matter. The word project means exactly that
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  17. pherein

    pherein In the Starting Line-Up

    So you think payton will put him as a 3rd replacement and give him game time, interesting. Payton has only not cut meachum,colston, evens, stinchcomb, and moore when they did not perform well in camp.
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  18. K-Ro 25

    K-Ro 25 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Maybe it's b/c I am a U fan but I love this guys potential. Will he hit it? With Brees and Shockey in the fold I feel the answer will be yes. He strikes me as a guy you may not see initially on the fold getting a bevy of reps but as you mentioned with guys like Meachem, I believe the saints will coach em up and get him ready for mid of yr 2, yr 3. I also go to Hofstra and saw Colston and met him a bunch when I first got there so I am part time Saints fan w/ Colston :). Colston never struck me as a big project as Graham, it was more so his athletic ability was viewed as limited. I guess he manages to perform with his lackluster athleticism experts :)
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  19. ALP

    ALP Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    like has been said, he needs development

    also: personally think his ball skills are unnatural, he doesn thave natural hands for a football

    hes only played one year of college footballl however, so it may just be a getting used to it type of thing
  20. Joker

    Joker Supporter Supporter

    He only benches 15 reps at 225?????

    well....the only thing THAT means is he's no VERNON "The Lonely Guy" you certainly won't have to worry about him taking long walks all alone down by the levee lost in deep thought..
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