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Do/DID We Have Enough Speed On The Team???

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by IcyPatriot, Mar 23, 2006.

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    A very simple question that answers just about every question posed on this board concerning this years team...including the cuts and lack of signings.

    Belichick has been saying for 2-3 years now that the team needs to get faster and more versatile. He's out of the public eye right now...but this years cuts and who is drafted will be right along this quest. Last year was 1 last hurrah for the old crew, if not for injuries...well, you know that.

    Sure Andre Davis was fast...Tim Dwight was quick...and Troy Brown is excluded from the formula for obvious reasons.

    This board will be buzzing in a month on how fast we have become. Possibly the fastest/versatile team since Belichick came here. A good look at most of the free agents available and there really was little speed out there to be signed. What little speed there was...the price was too high.

    We've had fast players here...like Patten, but players like David were not versatile. Even David Givens, for all his talent was not very versatile...Belichick wants WR's like Branch and DB's like Hobbs...Fast and quick, physically and mentally...just like the old school players he is so enamored with.

    Guards and tackles that could block for more than 7 yards. DL players that can rush, 2-Gap, and even drop back a bit to chip away.

    So take the old Belichick mold of liking intelligent, versatile players but put speed in the front. he did it in last years draft....he has more ammo to be closer to his ultimate goal.

    I brought this up a bit...when during our bye week Belichick was showing the media film of the old style teams and how all they all moved. Sure, those guys were smaller and all 11 on the field could move fairly well for that time period. IMO we will have the absolute most mobile/versatile OL / DL / DS we have had since Belichick came here.

    That is my opinion of the master plan...no secret really. Thoughts???
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  2. jczxohn1

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    Interesting proposition. I'd always thought of us as having being a power running team, and when Brady was in his first couple of seasons, the "dink-and-dunk" passing game kind of went along with that. The aggressive style of the D-backs in SB36 and dominating line play cut a certain smash-mouth image as well. But, I definitely see attempts to get faster, Brady has thrown down-field much more of late, and some have described the O-line as a "zone-blocking" line. I don't know about that, but the days of Zefross Moss are long gone. We will probably draft a RB to back up Corey, that choice may be telling. White or Maroney would indicate a power-running future but Addai or Williams may point us more in a Denver-like direction. With the youth on the O-line, I could see us going either way. (This is a h**l of a lot more productive way to speculate about the future than a lot of the recent stuff that's been going down. Congrats.)
  3. Sean Pa Patriot

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    Not enough... Unless Bethal shows up this yr..

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