Dilemma of greatness = expectations/pressure

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    first off, like everyone I'm really excited and anxious to see what we can accomplish this year.

    It's silly to look for weaknesses -- it's the cap era -- the days of stacked rosters are over (except maybe for this team).

    The coaching staff obsesses over team psychology.

    It's very tricky. The first thing you have to guard against this year is complacency. That explains the unprecedented training camp intensity. BB is doing a heck of a job to combat potential complacency and it's a fight which may never end.

    But in 2007 they had spygate and the chase for perfection -- Two colossal motivating forces. Getting up for gamedays doesn't just mean staying motivated on Sundays, but the entire week. No cutting corners....alertness in meetings....never taking a play off in practice, etc.

    I wouldn't say this with any other coaching staff or vet-laden team, but at certain strategic points during the year it will be vital to just have some fun with practices or sprinkle in some off-time when it is earned.

    Winning is fun, except when it becomes a grueling joyless expectation -- especially in an era of the league when nothing should be taken for granted.

    There is no pat on the back when you are merely expected to win....and win BIG every week. When you blow teams out by 3 TDs and the coaches are still trashing you it starts to wear you down and certain individuals stop responding as much to the coaching.

    More than ever, regulating team psychology will be the biggest challenge for this team. It's going to take leadership from every corner. It's going to take some good cop from vets like Tom to BB's bad cop. Each player will react differently to the ungrateful grind this season promises.

    As Parcells put it, "there is no light at the end of the tunnel."

    TC probably isn't the right time to shine a light, but this isn't the Raiders, this is a professional team with extremely driven players and coaches, and at some point -- before and after the bye week -- I just hope they can step back a little bit and enjoy the ride they are all on.
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    Your point isn't a bad one. BB is one of those guys who will always find something wrong. Something to improve on. He recruits FAs and drafts people that have the same mindset. If they don't have it, they are gone.

    On a seperate note, I think because BB has reached a level of personal -success, and it may be my own perception, he seems to be more open about enjoying the moment. Don't get me wrong, he is driven as driven can be no question.

    My .02$
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