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    I have terry glenn, thus far of course he has been a bust, but, since i have moss and brady it hasnt been a big deal to keep him on reserve.

    now here is my problem, IU have been thinking of keeping Glenn because when he does come back to play (soon I hope) he could make big FFP, however, I have active, Moss and Issac Bruce, who probably wont start this week from an injury.

    Do I drop bruce and pick someone else up, and there isnt much to choose from and thus far he hasnt done that badly, or do I drop Glenn, then not be able to pick him up again later on when he starts playing?

    This is my first yr playing FF and I am a little lost and struggling with it, but not doing too badly because I have Moss, Brady and Pats DST
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    Whats up bro? I don't see why you wouldn't hold onto Glenn, since you already had him taking up roster space for the last 5 weeks.. The bad part is that Patrick Crayton has been really good so who knows how much Glenn is going to help your team when he comes back anyway. I would of dropped Glenn a while back and jumped on some early hot FA's before anyone else did. Now it looks like you might be stuck. You probably have Andre Davis a FA in your league I would sign. You still might have Antowain Randel El hanging around free agency that will probably produce more than Bruce. Santana Moss is having a hard time staying healthy so he will get a lot of targets. I would drop Bruce and Glenn and pick those guys up. They will probably be more productive. If those guys I mentioned aren't FA's let me know.

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