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    Brady and the offense were gonna drive down and at least tie the game up? I along with many others sure did, maybe not get in the end zone but at least put the kicker in range for the game tier.

    Some other thoughts bout the game...

    1- What a great way to go into the bye week, its depressing enough losing then having to wait an entire week for redemption, would of been twice as worse if I had to wait 2 weeks.

    2- Know its still relatively early but it feels good being atop the division, where we belong!

    3- Brady had his ups and downs, that first int at first I thought was a horrible pass until I seen the replay and noticed it was tipped at the los. The second one seemed like he was TR trying to make something out of nothing.

    4- Running game looked okay to good against a very stout #1 rush D in the NFL. BJGE runs hard and always fights for those tough yards, he earns everything he gets.

    5- Easily the best TE due in the league, Welker is so damn quick turning up the field once he catches the ball. DB had a solid game. I wish 85 was more productive and would love to see him have success, but he just inst gonna see much success with so many options in front of him.

    6- Defense along with Spikes, AH, Warren, and Carter all had their best games of the season. Arrington is playing like one of the best nickle backs in the game. McCourty got bailed out big time on the PI call he had in the end zone with the offensive hold call against DAL.

    7- I hope that ex Jets S starts along side Chung rest of the way, seems like a significant upgrade over Barret and Brown, dont say much but still.

    8- Looking forward to the Pit game, should have Mayo, Dowling and Vollmer back hopefully. With AH and Spikes improved play Mayo should look even better with those guys around him playing at a relatively high level. Glad we got out of the game injury free.

    Goodnight peeps

    Jets suck
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