Did we lose more then one player yesterday

Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by Nomar33, Sep 8, 2008.

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    As i am new and can't post on main area yet I will pose this question and hopefully get some views

    My concern is that we didn't just lose Brady yesterday but Moss as well. Will Moss's attitude stay the same or change back to his days of Oakland where there was no motivation. Will he feel (as many of us do) that the Pats hopes of a return trip to the SB went out the window with Brady?

    Moss has been a great player and teammate so far even is now a captain. With a motivated Moss i think a QB will do fine in our system but will he stay focused?

    Just a concern - (if someone feels this question is worth puting on main area lease do so).
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    Well I am new and can't post their either, but I don't see a concern. Whomever the QB is will take every advantage to hit Moss so I don't think he is going to see less success than last year. This team will step up in Brady's absence.

    As for SuperBowl chances, how did everyone feel when Bledsoe went down the year the Pats won their first Superbowl? I can't imagine a Superbowl without Brady, but I don't think we should count ourselves out yet.

    Last year was such a special year in so many ways. It takes a team of players who are good friends and highly respect one another to accomplish what this team did last year. To me the Pats were 18-0. Not 18-1. The one really is just icing after that year. And I don't always like icing.

    Anyway, if it's possible, I think this will bring this already close team, even closer. Moss is a changed man and I think Brady and the entire Pats organization have a lot to do with that. Brady will still be there on the Sidelines I am sure. He'll still be able to motivate and inspire.

    I actually think they should stick with Cassel for a game or two. He has been riding Tom's coat tails for so long. He just may be the man to temporarily fill his shoes with some guidance from Tom. I think he did very well in relief Sunay. I can't imagine the pressure of leading an 18-1 team in the first game of the season after what they accomplished last year; or the number of eyes on him that game from around the world. Everyone expected a lot from the Pats again this year, and suddenly that weight was on Cassels. Good for him! It was just 81 from 16 instead of 81 from 12. :)

    Go PATS Go!
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    thats weird I can post there
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    I haven't tried, but I assume I can post there. I meant create a thread. Most of these forums don't allow you to create a thread until you have 10 posts, and I believe this one is the same.

    Looks like the Pats are sticking with Cassel. Good for them.
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    You can post on the main forum- unless Ian restricted you. You need 50 post to start a thread. Try posting on an existing thread and if you can't and feel that you have been wrongly restricted (troll) send me a PM.

    However don't start football threads here as this is for new members to introduce themselves.

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