Did the refs take away a Seattle first down??

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  1. Pats726

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    I didn't see this or remember it at all..and maybe someone with a tape of the game can look for it...but supposedly there was a 3rd down play that was definitely a frst down..maybe by a yard or so...and the official spotted it short..giving it a Steeler spot...Apparently it was blatant..but they could not do anything..and there wa sno camera replay to verify it..I heard this at breakfast from a group of people talking about the game..juts as I was leaving..seems like I may have remembered something that obvious..but???
    Hmmmm Another Steeler gift?? Or something that NEVER was even close??
  2. ilduce06410

    ilduce06410 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    refs spotted the ball short all day

    i believe the refs took 1st downs from the seahawks twice, and from the steelers about the same.
    IMO the refs behave all game like the fix was in for steelers. it was hard to watch. tagliabue had to be going crazy.
    you know how SB field officials get selected, right?
  3. Michael

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    Yes, and they were talking about this last night on Sports Final (WBZ TV) last night. They were also saying that the teams have to rely on those replays to decide wether to challenge or not and there never was one. They went on to say it gives the director of the show power over the outcome of the game that he should not have. ABC did just an awful job covering the game IMO.

    MDPATSFAN On the Game Day Roster

    That play left them at 4 and inches resulting in a Punt and the Steelers first TD. I was thinking Holmgren should have challenged the spot.

    I'm about ready to puke listening to the effervescing of the fairy tale Steelers and the BUS!

    The league didn't get the story it wanted when Peyton ckhoked..so plan B was the Story Book Steelers. It smells...
  5. bosfan

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    Believe that was Strong making the first down on 3rd and something and getting that horrible spot - a perfect example of how a tv replay could rectify the error. The first rule change should be to eliminate "unreviewable calls" that is nonsense - every call should be reviewable.
  6. sarge

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    I remember that as well. I didn't think to much of it at the time.

    It was obviously a 1st down, and I was shocked where they spotted the ball.
  7. captain stone

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    Amen, Bosfan...

    ...Every. Call. Should. Be. Reviewable.
    Be that as it may, Mack Strong HAS to extend better than he did. It's as if he did not know where the 1st down marker was.
  8. marty

    marty In the Starting Line-Up

    I remember seeing this at the time and watching the official when walking back with the ball, moved it at least a foot back. When it was measured it came up about 6" short! Hawks definately robbed on that one!
  9. ilduce06410

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    abc's been doing worse and worse with nfl braocasts for a while. seems like they're trying to save money by elimination of couple of camera angles (ergo, videographers, shipping of cameras, a tech to watch them).
    looks like the nfl has given control of this away to abc and cbs. they gotta get it back in the next contract, but that's not for a number of years. seems they will have to require the broacaster to get EACH PLAY FROM EACH CAMERA ANGLE, instead of catching honey shot of cheerleaders, a foto of someone's family, bigwigs up in an owners box.
    can't be subject to whims of a tv director who's tied to producing a successful broadcast,not to producing a record of the game from every angle.
  10. stcjones

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    I disagree.......

    "instead of catching honey shot of cheerleaders,"

    I think that the camera man's footage of the cheerleaders "honey shot"....or money shot whatever you call it....just may have been the only bright spot during last nights debacle.......;)
  11. ilduce06410

    ilduce06410 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    cheerleaders? there's a wide spectrum...

    it was watchable for me because it was a hilariously bad and poorly-officiated game.
    some of the cheerleaders cause you to knock over your soda. some clearly should be rockettes. others look like miss new hampshire. then there are some who look like gym teachers. others are clearly outstanding dancers. and others are obviously related to someone on the selection committee.
    i didn'e even see cheerleaders last night....who did?
  12. Michael

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    High quality inexpensive color cameras are plentiful these days there's no reason every NFL field isn't lined with small cameras on both sides of the field for official reviews. And I understand you don't won't to spend too much time reviewing every play, but definitely all turnovers should be automatically reviewed as well as any plays that result in a score or a penalty. Since the officials can't seem to handle it. Although as we saw last night reviewing (even with a perfect camera angle) doesn't necessarily mean they get the call right.
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  13. patsox23

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    This is an absolutely perfect post. It was a poor spot, but Mack Strong did a bad job, as well.

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