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Did the 49ers really 'win' the draft as some media pundits have proclaimed?

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by VJCPatriot, Apr 30, 2013.

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    Their draft picks, and they started out with an unprecedented 15 total:

    1(18). Eric Reid, Safety, LSU - a need pick based on Goldson leaving for big money with the Bucs. They say he's a good player but most likely he's a downgrade in his rookie year.

    2(40). Cornellius "Tank" Carradine, Defensive End, Florida State - Some here really liked Carradine. But is he as good as or better than Justin Smith? Smith is getting long in the tooth but Carradine will still likely learn from the bench.

    2(55). Vance McDonald, Tight End, Rice - No comment. Anybody know anything about this kid? Rice isn't exactly the biggest program in college.

    3(88). Corey Lemonier, Outside Linebacker, Auburn - Pats linebacker group is more talented and has a higher ceiling overall. Then again they did invest more picks and higher picks in the position.

    4(128). Quinton Patton, Wide Receiver, Louisiana Tech - by all reports a talented prospect, but more likely the Pats group of Dobson/Boyce will outproduce him.

    4(131). Marcus Lattimore, Running Back, South Carolina - a risky pick due to the heavy injury issue. 49ers are hoping he rehabs as well as McGahee did before being drafted.

    Late round picks are generally a shot in the dark

    5(157). Quinton Dial, Defensive Lineman, Alabama

    6(180). Nick Moody, Linebacker, Florida State - see above

    7(237). B.J. Daniels, Quarterback, South Florida

    7(246). Carter Bykowski, Offensive Tackle, Iowa State

    7(252). Marcus Cooper, Defensive Back, Rutgers - BB scooped up the top talent at Rutgers while the 49ers scrape the bottom of the barrel. Cooper may work out but he has a lower chance than Ryan or Harmon.

    Vs the Pats Draft:
    2nd Round (#52 Overall) – Jamie Collins, OLB, Southern Miss - two words - athletic freak. if he comes in with a good attitude, works hard, picks up the playbook, could become something special. at the very least fits the cover linebacker role. passrushing ability is a plus.

    2nd Round (#59 Overall) – Aaron Dobson, WR, Marshall - tough, tall, athletic, and physical receiver. could be just what this offense needs to go over the top. another tall redzone target never hurts.

    The Rutger kids - they play a defensive system that BB apparently believes in. Let's hope they are more than just 'system' players and can adjust to playing solid contributing roles. They won't be expected to step in and start, but rather play a role in the rotation.

    3rd Round (#83 Overall) – Logan Ryan, CB, Rutgers
    3rd Round (#91 Overall) – Duron Harmon, SS, Rutgers

    4th Round (#102 Overall) – Josh Boyce, WR, TCU - a strong physical receiver who can beat the jam and is a likely fit for the deion branch role. if he can 'mind meld' with brady, he might end up outproducing Dobson.

    7th Round (#226 Overall) – Michael Buchanan, DE/OLB, Illinois - A shot in the dark but certainly a lot of potential and has prototypical size/athleticism that BB likes in his linebackers.

    7th Round (#235 Overall) – Steve Beauharnais, LB, Rutgers - If he sticks with the team his role will be special teamer at first. Might end up more but it's up to him. Might not make the squad but at least he gets a shot to show what he's got.

    The 49ers definitely have more picks so they have a better chance of getting more successes but right out of the gate, it doesn't look that much better than the Pats draft. I wouldn't proclaim them as outright 'winners' of the NFL draft just yet. Honestly, I'm not super impressed with the 49ers overall haul when you consider the sheer quantity of picks they had to play with.

    A lot depends on their first few picks panning out, and those were certainly need picks. Not sure how the tight end fits in but perhaps they are trying to copy the Pats double TE look for certain offensive packages.
  2. EwanSellars

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    i think the reason they are being considered winners is because they got carradine in the 2nd and patton and lattimore in the 4th which were all lower then they shouldve or wouldve gone for various reasons. I think we got almost exactly what lemonier is in buchanan except 4 rounds later we got our athletic freak guy in collins and improved our WR situation and builtdepth at DB plus we got a linebacker that i believe was expected to be a 4th round pick. I think Reid was a 2nd rounder but apparently the cowboys wouldve taken him if they didnt trade back so theres nothing wrong with that both very solid drafts but i think the 49ers are considered because of their 4th round of patton and lattimore
  3. DocHoliday

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    I think anyone can spin it either way.
  4. Italian Patriot

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    It's a good point but it's a point from a Patriot fan.

    You find the good thing in Pats' choice and the bad thing in 49ers' choice.

    I'm not a draft expert, not an NCAA expert and maybe I'm not a football expert BUT... i think that 49ers did a good job because they draft the BPA.

    Need a safety? Elam or Reid? Reid. Draft.
    Need a DE? Carradine with the 40th? Here's the pick.
    Need a WR with the 128th? Who is considered as the better WR available? Patton.
    4th round? Lattimore is still available. Draft him.

    I think that every fan would love to have 0 'reaches' in a draft.

    We are not professional scout, so we must believe in the FO of our team.

    So.. Who said that Harmon is a reach?
  5. PatriotReign

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    Their draft along with the UDFA's they got give them this draft.
  6. virginiapatriot

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    Jun 22, 2013
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    Strictly on its own terms, the 49ers' draft was way overrated. I get the Reid pick and, even if #18 overall was a bit rich, they didn't have to give up much to the Cowboys. And Carradine was a good pick if the Niners wanted a 4-3 DE, feel good about his ACL, and are not put off by any concern that he may have been a 1-year wonder.
    The rest of their draft was so-so. Vance McDonald in the 2d was too high for a TE with questionable hands. Corey Lemonier did better in predraft workouts than he ever did in actual games. He's just not that good of a football player. And Lattimore is just another example of flier that teams with too many draft picks tend to make. This guy, in back-to-back years, suffered two devastating injuries to his knees. Neither injury was a run-of-the mill ACL tear. And after Round 4, the Niners' did nothing worthwhile. As for the UDFA Okoye, there is a good chance that I will end up with just as many tackles in the NFL as he does. Meh.
    I think the Niners had the 4th best draft in their division.

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