Did anybody see this video?

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    Thats is so borges excellent find
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    2 things..."Bruschi said OFF THE RECORD..." Doesn't off the record mean "This isn't for publication (or broadcast)"? Yes it does. Secondly, Borgass said "2 contracts ago...". OK then you mean he couldn't have left ONE contract ago? Third (OK I said 2, but if Borgass can lie, so can I), although I don't know Bruschi personally, I think it would be totally out of character (at least judging from his public personna) as the ultimate team guy to say something like that "off the record". Ah, what the hell. The Globe is owned by the New York Times and I guess it's just corporate policy to have liars and snakes working for you. It's the only good reason to listen to Felgers radio show so you can laugh at Borges ranting, spittle filled hatred for BB and the Pats.

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