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    I only heard the tail end of an interview(I think was Michael Smith) Reporting that the Pats had a private jet ready to bring Javron Walker here for a meeting prior to his going to the Bronco's.
    Smith(I think,was him) reported that Walker didn't even come here for a meeting because he spoke to Deion, and Branch talked him out of it.
    Not purporting this as fact,because I only heard a little bit of it.
    Anybody else hear this?
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  2. Armen Da Pats Fan

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    I did hear that...

    (The part that it was Walker who kept opting out of and putting off the visit...)

    Never heard anything about Branch being part of it, though...
  3. SVN

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    didnt hear and dont care really..past is past ..all conspiracies only come out when one loses and the player catches 2 TD's ...time to move on , whether it is true or false has no bearing on the pats anymore...
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    I heard Dale & Holley make mention of it today. They said he was on the phone with Brady during the draft, but then he got another call notifying him of the trade to Denver.

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    While I agree the Whining about Deion should be long over by now but if true.
    Not only did Branch leave the pats he made sure that they didn't get walker.
    I wonder how all "Branch's Bud's" on the team feel knowing Branch did what was best for himself(ok), but he also made things tough on the pats getting walker and thus hard on the WHOLE pats team,including his BUD'S?
  6. Ceresco

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    Yeah I heard him mention Branch might have had something to do with Walker not flying out to NE.

    If true I'd lose what little respect I have left for Branch however I doubt we ever hear any more about this.

    It is what it is.
  7. PonyExpress

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    Walker and Branch were junior college teammates and good friends before Walker went to FSU and Branch to Louisville. Branch and his agents had a fit when news got leaked that Walker was en route, because they knew it would impact his contract situation; so Branch talked Walker out of it while Javon was waiting at the airport. Pretty ironic. Gotta love our teamplayer the Twig.
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    Bump. Interesting.

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    why bump,interesting????

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