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Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by kapierce55, Nov 30, 2011.

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    Hello from Kansas,
    I am searching for a copy of the Dec 21st, 1980 game against the New Orleans Saints. Have searched everywhere, I think,...including NFL Films. I have various Highlight films from that era..but my good friend Don Calhoun stated that if he could play or see one game from his days as a Patriot running back....It would be that particular game. Don't under stand why...but since he was the one taking the "hits" from 1975 to '82...he gets to pick. This would be for a Christmas gift for him.
    Is there anyone out there with such an old library that would be interested in a sale of that particular game ?

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    I'm trying to remember that game, that was one of the first years I had season tickets. I'm drawing a blank, but considering how long ago that was and the tailgate climate of that time, well ...

    Unfortunately that was when the concept of videotape rather than film was in its infancy, filming within the stadium was strictly not allowed, and 8mm or those new-fangled video cameras of that time were so big there was no way you could sneak one inside the stadium - even as lax as security was then as compared to how it is now.

    Good luck on your quest though, and give Don a big hello and thank-you from all of us here. Hope he is doing well. Maybe somebody else here will be of more assistance than me; wish I could help you out.

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    I looked up the game on Pro-Football-reference.com and see that it was a pretty good game. NO took a lead, the Pats got it back, then in the 4th NO took the lead. Dan's TD in the 4th was the one that was needed to win the game. Mosi's TD was icing on the cake.

    New England Patriots at New Orleans Saints - December 21st, 1980 - Pro-Football-Reference.com
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    I think I can see why he'd choose this game as the one he would like to see again. It was the final game of the 1980 season, he scored the winning touchdown, and it was his final 100-yard rushing game. The following season was his last in the NFL, and it wasn't worth remembering from either a personal or a team standpoint. The 1980 squad was the last hurrah of those very good '70's-era teams that Chuck Fairbanks built. The 1981 team was the so-called 'best 2-14 team in NFL history' and he was injured; surely not the way he (or any other player) wanted to finish his career.

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