DE's that could replace Seymour

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  1. aabtec

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    Since Richard Seymour is look to be the highest paid DE in the league are there any DE's that we could draft to replace him ?
  2. JR4

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    Richard isn't going anywhere. They'll get a deal done. IMO
  3. aabtec

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    Just something to pass the time....
  4. BelichickFan

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    No-one could replace him.

    The better question to me is what what someone have to offer to trade him. As we look to have a very good chance to win next year I am in the camp of "keep him, Franchise him in 12 months and trade him then unless he's take a small discount like Brady did".

    That said, with him being young it would be interesting to wonder what we could get for him. Obviously we wouldn't trade him for a low draft choice . . . and obviously a team wouldn't offer their #1 pick for 10 years (intentionally using stupid extremes here) . . . I wonder where in the middle a team might make an offer we'd consider.
  5. Box_O_Rocks

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    A good question aa, fan optimism aside, BB/SP should be shopping for his replacement, if only to upgrade the entire D-line by having Seymour bookends. What we need to keep in mind with any player is their unique abilities. Sey is one of a kind, we may get someone who is a little better at drawing double teams in passing situations, or someone who shuts down the run game like Ty does on his side. We shouldn't expect another Sey.

    There are two players currently on the team who could take on Sey's every down role today: Wilfork and Green. Vince was the primary 'individual' who did the most to turn the run game around when he made the adjustments BB worked out mid-season. He is very quick off the ball and very strong, he collapses the pocket and given a green light on passing downs can shoot gaps quite well. He's just starting to bring his game to dominating level - expect big things. Green is rated as one of the top third down specialists in the NFL (D-Line), he gets panned by some of our media luminaries (Freudian slip, I initially typed that as lunimaries....) but playing hurt alongside a poor performing Wilfork and in front of a shaky LB crew he stands out on tape as consistently solid in his ability to defend his gaps and command double teams. Where Oakland's LT was consistently kicking Sey's behind one-on-one, Green forced Oakland to commit a TE on most plays (not an exact parallel because Sey moved inside to help Vince who was being raped by C Jake Grove, but Sey wasn't drawing double teams until he moved inside. Both Vince and Jarvis would make Sey's LDE spot competitive.

    Hill gets negative reviews due to high expectations, valid from a talent standpoint, but unfair when you look at Warren, Wilfork, and Green who also started slow and developed. His pass rush doesn't collapse the pocket the way Sey's does, but his run game is solid. I get the feeling (and it's just a gut impression watching tape) that he would start surprising people if he was in the regular rotation - similar to what Vince did over the course of this season - at the moment he is still a little hesitant, something that applying the techniques repetitively in an actual game situation would correct.

    As far as the draft: Haloti Ngata, Oregon. Nobody else I've looked at comes close for size, strength, quickness and balance in the run/pass capabilities. He goes to the Jets, Bills, Browns, etc. before BB gets a shot at him. I have no fantasy of his slipping far enough for BB to make a play on him.
  6. AndyJohnson

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    There is an interesting thought in there. Im not sure if you meant this, but the potential of grooming a replacemnt for Wilfork, and moving Wilfork to DE is intriguing. He did play there some in 2004.

    The thing is, I dont see how we would need more DEs.
    Seymour is a stud. Ty Warren is vastly underrated, and if he stays healthy, will be in that spot for many, many years. Considering the system and responsibilities of a DE in it, there aren't 5 players in the NFL that could displce Warren if they showed up tomorrow.
    Assuming a potential defection by Seymour, we already have signed a replacement, Jarvis Green. There is absolutely no way he gets the money he did if he wasnt considered an effective replacement if Sey left. We also are developing Hill. Sure if there was no limit to resources, why not bring in a DE, but it would have to be almost last on the list of what we should be spending resources on right now. (Of course, a jag for depth goes without saying)
  7. Box_O_Rocks

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    Wilfork was branded "Baby Sapp" due to his ability to penetrate into the backfield. He took regular reps at DE in his first year. If you came into this draft thinking upgrade on the D-line and (possibly) filling Sey's hole in 2007, you find yourself looking at Ngata and projects like Hopoi of Washington. However, if you looked at your NT depth chart and wanted a wide body run stuffer who could groom on the Practice Squad or inactive list, there are several low risk/solid return options to consider starting with Stanley (Louisville) and Anderson (Georgia). Wilfork, Hill, and Green may be the rotation at LDE in 2007 with a new run stuffer in the middle.
  8. Ochmed Jones

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    I don't think there is a DE in the entire football league with Seymour's combination of size, strength and ability. He is the best defensive lineman in football hands down. He alters opposing offenses when he is on the field.

    I would very much like for us to have a backup for Wilfork. Preferably a veteran. I heard BB say it takes on average 3 years for a new guy to thoroughly master all the nuances of playing NT in a 3-4. There are something like 90 or so different blocking combinations offenses can throw at a NT.

    In the draft there are a couple of 3-4 NT worth looking at if the Pats decide on a rookie.

    Ngata - wow! Probably won't make it to #21.
    Watson (Michigan) - 2nd round pick. No pass rush threat.
    Fifitia (Utah) - day 2 pick. Needs to get much stronger.
    Mania (BYU) - day 2 pick. Injury history.
  9. We could just get the "Fridge" from the streets...he would have to quit all of them Nathan's hotdogs though...
  10. OhExaulted1

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    I wonder if Shaq's available? He'd be a terror off the edge.
  11. primetime

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    We should bring Shaq in as a TE. Antonio Gates? Meet Shaquille O'Neal.
  12. OhExaulted1

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    How about the Undertaker?

    I can just hear the announcers now "The Undertaker choke slammed the tackle and buried Manning with that sack!"
  13. Box_O_Rocks

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    Ngata would be the wet dream dropping within trade-up range.
    Watson, everything I've read on his work ethic is negative, and despite the fuss over Senior Bowl practice, I was unimpressed with his consistency in the game.
    Fifita couldn't find the ball in traffic in the Shrine game, though I loved his effort.
    Brown was supposed to play in the Hula Bowl, what is his injury history?

    A 3rd round consideration I've read good things about, Montavius Stanley (Louisville).

    Two others I saw in a couple games and would consider second day:
    Gerald Anderson (Georgia).
    Antwan Burton (Temple).

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