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Democrat Racist Crap

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Harry Boy, Sep 23, 2008.

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    For all the holier than thou wonderful Left Wing Democrats who believe they are the "saviors of the universe" if you want to see some "REAL RACISM" watch what happens in November if The Messiah loses.

    Are you getting tired of the mainstream media meme that if you're white and you don't vote for Barack Obama it's because you're a racist? Or that if John McCain wins, it's because he's white and Obama isn't?

    Well, on Saturday, the Associated Press and Yahoo News released results of a new poll, and the major take by AP writers Ron Fournier and Trevor Thompson was that if Obama loses, it's because of "[d]eep-seated racial misgivings" held by "one-third of white Democrats."
    AP's Racist Poll: If Obama Loses It's Because He's Black | NewsBusters.org

    All you "Anti White" racist bastards, remember this, in every election this country has ever had there has always been, A Winner And A Loser.

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