Defense looked very "bendy"

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Pats_AZ, Oct 3, 2007.

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    Just a thought as i watched the Pats lay down the hammer on the Bengels....our defense didn't break but at times we did look very bendy. Was that the game plan or should we be a little concerned that a better balanced offense like the Colts might make it a little too interseting? just my one nit pick on an otherwise great game for the Pats.
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    The way I look at it is 2 ways

    a) One game at a time before you get yourself worried about the Colts (BTW The Cowboys have a pretty damn good offense too and come up earlier on the schedule)

    b) We won the game right? - We only gave up 13 points right? - Thats all that matters and with Rodney and Seymour back in the mix nd added defensive depth it will straighten up your 'bending' worries.
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    The Bengals had 283 total yards after averaging 393 coming in and their only TD was on a short field after a turnover. And we had 3 starters out. That's too bendy for you ? :confused:

    Oh yeah, they were 0-7 on 3rd down conversions too.
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    Don't agree at all. We dominated against a really strong offense with the only major coming off a bad Brady interception in Patriots territory and the only other scoring coming from 2 40-yard field goals. We're the top defense in terms of yardage and a VERY close 2nd in terms of points.
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    i wasn't pointing out the Colts in particular, but just any really good balanced offense. Bend but don't break, i get that, i guess I'm just looking for something to be concerned about! haha :rolleyes:
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    Right now the only concern for me is the kicking game,Gostkowski still scares me a bit from outside of the 25 yard line,I can honestly say I hold my breath

    Don't get me wrong,The kid has done well but I guess I will be forever spoiled with AVs near lock to make it on long distant FGs
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    Off topic, but did we punt at all this game? i can't remember?
  8. BelichickFan

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    Gotti will be fine, the two low thirty yarders yesterday will help his confidence which is all he needs.

    Yeah, one time.
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    I'd rather give up the occasional 20-30 yard headshaker than sustained drives.

    The other guys get paid too.

    The only bendiness that worried me was a bit of seeming softness on some running plays. Maybe the Bengals schemed well on a few plays, which would be fine. Or maybe moving AD outside is a big sacrifice to have to make at Bruschi and Seau's current age, which would be less fine.
  10. patsox23

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    Gameplan. Respect the pass. Keep TJ and Cinco in front of you and tackle well. It worked out. And it was bound to look a little bendy.
  11. NEPatriot

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    Traditionally under BB that's what we've played. Make the other team make long drives and then play tough red zone defense. As others have pointed out, that's a pretty good offense. Let's also hope we get Seymour back healthy after game 6.
  12. mosi

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    The team can definitely improve no doubt. But they played well. The were willing to give up the run to keep the passing game in check. Heck, it actually looked like they were playing a base 4-3 with no blitzing the entire game!

    And as other people have said, they held this team to 75% of the yards they typically get, which is darn good.
  13. Slagathor

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    We have never been a Bears style defense. Against good offense, a bears style D makes you very susceptable to the big play.

    Our style of D has always been bend don't break, eliminate the big play and make offenses over-work on every drive.
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    If you think we're going to shut down the colts in the RCA Dome, I think your expectations are a little out of whack. We just have to contain them - keep them in the low to mid 20s and let Tom and Randy put up their customary 30+. The only times we have ever shut them down was in January in Foxboro, before Peyton learned he could dump off to his running backs for 12 yards every play.
  15. Rob0729

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    How can a defense be very bendy and not allow the opposing offense convert a single third down in seven attempts, not allow a single drive over 55 yards, only allow one drive over 8 plays, and only allow one drive over 5 plays in the first half when it was a game against a very good offense? I felt the Pats were about as bendy as concrete on Monday night.

    Come on! People are getting way too nitpicky. We are not going to get three and outs every single defensive stand especially against a high powered offense. We aren't going to be too concerned about allowing the opposing team to have a substained drive that eats up a lot of clock time which ends in three ponts when you are protecting a 17 point lead in the fourth quarter. In fact, you are more than happy to give up yards and even points in that scenario as long as they don't do it in three or four plays.

    There was only one defensive stand that even remotely concerned me on Monday. It was the drive after the Brady INT because it was a potential momentum changer. But the Pats scored on their next drive and intercepted Palmer.
  16. NYCPatsFan

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    And, quite glad that we managed to restrict one of the top offenses to just one touch down and two field goals
  17. bbabin

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    I haven't seen a thread yet about Wilfork on EEI yesterday, but some of the things he said apply here. Basically he said that their gameplan was to only use 6 in the box to stop the run to allow the DBs to have extra help. Big Vince was very proud of this and talked a little about how ESPN/the media probably wouldn't notice/mention it. He said to look at the tape and see that the Pats stymied the run with 6 in the box while many teams use 8 to get it done. This is very impressive and basically shows that the gameplan allowed for some sustained running but aimed to prevent big plays.
  18. thomas144

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    I thought this Sporting News column made some excellent points (I imagine there is already a thread about this but I haven't checked):;_y...g=yesthepatriotshaveaweakn&prov=tsn&type=lgns

    I am not all that impressed with the Patriots' defense. They basically have two guys (Seau and Bruschi) who should be retired sharing time at middle linebacker.

    Any team that has Chad Brown on the roster has got some holes on defense.

    The offense has been so good it has been able to keep the defense off the field.

    Getting Rodney Harrison back should help, maybe. We'll see.
  19. PatsRI

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    The only thing that matters is 14,14,7, and 13. I remember the same talk in '03 about the defense. Averaging 12 points a game given up seems like a pretty good defense to me. They're 4th in the league (JAX is 2nd but they've only played 3 games) behind TB, JAX, and PIT.

    -4th in passing yards per game 156.2
    -3rd in Rushing yards per game 69.8
    -4th in Receiving Yards Per Game 179.0
    -tied for 9th in sacks - 11
    -tied for 8th with TDs given up - 6

    If that's bendy then call me elastic man.
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  20. patsox23

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    Thank you for tossing around some sanity.

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