Defending the Long Gay Line - Maureen Dowd

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by IcyPatriot, Feb 4, 2010.

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    I was reading this great article by Dowd tonight. I shake my head everytime I read about the stupid archaic "don't ask don't tell" policy.
    This should not be part of the political liberal vs conservative or left vs right sparring. This is a topic about brave Americans who are being disrespected because of how they were born ... disrespected for who they are. No different than being disrespected for ones color of skin IMO.

    I really thought Obama would be the President to end this stupidity ... hopefully he still will be. Perhaps not as legendary as the civil rights movement but still - think of how far we have come as a society with civil rights, and woman's rights and religious rights and rights of every imaginable kind. Yet - gay people still have to fight and claw for the equality that our Constitution promises ... incredible.

    I don't think dowd's column is going to be the one to change it all ... but it would help if more people on the internet show their support in every message forum out there for the end of this archaic lunacy. If more people wrote to their Congress reps and Senate reps ... get involved.

    Perhaps when they are shamed into submission ... the people who fight to preserve the past will give up. We can only have equality in this country when everyone contributes to the equality of all. This is perhaps one of the last hurdles of our cruel past. John McCain wanted to be our President ... yet he supports this stupidity ... one reason why he got voted no.

    We have no problem with a gay person defending our freedom as long as they live a lie ... that is wrong. We need the many to fight for the rights of the few.

    Op-Ed Columnist - Defending the Long Gay Line -

    Admiral Mike Mullen ... 2-3-2010
    The Admiral is right - this is about the integrity of who we are as a country.
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    In reality it is much ado about nothing, and only confirms the belief that religion and politics do not mix..time to move one folks, this is common sense.

    There is deep seated concerns about sex in foxholes, or "romantic" interludes in barracks.. in reality military decorum will prevail.. just as it does for the most part in heterosexual relationships in the military..

    Cannot comprehend the ongoing conundrum, it is not about politics it is about accepting the reality that not everyone is the same, btw Colin Powell supports this as well..

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