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Deep passes - Pats compared to Ravens

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by ivanvamp, Sep 24, 2012.

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    Still fuming after last night's game, as I'm sure most of you all are. One thing that drives me crazy is this awful feeling I have whenever an opposing QB throws deep on the Pats. It feels like it's ALWAYS going to be either a completion or a penalty. So I looked again at last night's play-by-play, focusing only on what espn calls "deep" pass attempts. So here are the results of deep passes thrown by Brady and Flacco last night.

    (1Q) 1-10, N21 - Brady 59 complete to Welker
    (1Q) 3-9, B19 - Brady incomplete to Edelman
    (1Q) 3-11, B30 - Brady 19 complete to Edelman, but offensive PI on Edelman (10 yds)
    (2Q) 1-10, N49 - Brady incomplete to Lloyd, but illegal contact penalty on CWilliams (5 yds)

    (1Q) 1-10, B24 - Flacco intended for Pitta, INT by Gregory
    (1Q) 1-10, B18 - Flacco incomplete to TSmith (McCourty)
    (2Q) 1-10, N25 - Flacco 25 complete to TSmith, touchdown
    (2Q) 2-7, B22 - Flacco 41 complete to JJones (Arrington, Chung)
    (2Q) 2-4, N20 - Flacco incomplete to Boldin
    (3Q) 2-8, B37 - Flacco incomplete to Boldin, but defensive holding penalty on Arrington (5 yds)
    (3Q) 1-10, N39 - Flacco incomplete to JJones
    (3Q) 2-10, N39 - Flacco 32 complete to TSmith (Gregory, McCourty)
    (3Q) 2-15, B15 - Flacco 38 complete to TSmith (Chung), plus defensive holding penalty on S.Moore (declined)
    (3Q) 3-15, B48 - Flacco incomplete to TSmith
    (4Q) 1-10, B34 - Flacco incomplete to TSmith (McCourty)
    (4Q) 2-10, B34 - Flacco 24 complete to Boldin (Arrington)
    (4Q) 1-10, B20 - Flacco incomplete to TSmith, offensive holding penalty on Yanda (10 yds)
    (4Q) 2-14, N16 - Flacco incomplete to TSmith, but defensive holding penalty on McCourty (5 yds)
    (4Q) 1-10, B21 - Flacco 21 complete to JJones (Chung)
    (4Q) 2-7, B48 - Flacco 17 complete to Pitta (Chung)
    (4Q) 2-9, N34 - Flacco incomplete to Boldin
    (4Q) 3-9, N34 - Flacco incomplete to JJones, but defensive PI on McCourty (27 yards)

    Deep Passes Totals
    - 1 completion for 59 yards
    - 1 offensive penalty for -5 yards
    - 1 incompletion
    - 1 defensive penalty for 5 yards
    TOTAL YDS GAINED: 4 plays, 59 yds, 14.8 yds per play, 2 first downs, 1 first down taken away by penalty

    - 7 completions for 198 yards
    - 1 offensive penalty for -10 yards
    - 5 incompletions
    - 3 defensive penalties for 37 yards
    - 1 interception
    TOTAL YDS GAINED: 17 plays, 225 yds, 13.2 yds per play, 10 first downs, 1 turnover

    If you count the penalties in the total yards gained (both for and against), offensive penalties as incompletions, and defensive penalties as completions, and then plugged these numbers into the QB rating calculator (), you get:

    Brady: 2-4, 59 yds, 0 td, 0 int, 95.8 rating
    Flacco: 10-17, 225 yds, 0 td, 1 int, 78.7 rating

    So from a ratings perspective, Flacco was worse than Brady. But holy cow, 225 yards of offense from Flacco's deep attempts.

    What will haunt me are three plays:

    1. The absolutely phantom holding penalty on McCourty when Flacco threw incomplete on 2nd and 14 from their own 16 late in the game. Huge, huge, HUGE play in the game, and McCourty was robbed on that one. On replay, it's not even clear if he ever touched him at all.

    2. McCourty's dropped INT. UGH.

    3. Arrington tripping on the turf when Flacco threw a lollipop up for grabs on that last drive. That was the ballgame right there.
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