December 9th, 2007

Discussion in 'Visiting Locker Room' started by JimmyCrackCorn, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. Billecheat is going down! :bricks: :rocker:
  2. everlong

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    How's Hines Ward doing after ripping off his friends?
  3. Hines is fine and will play Sunday. I am guessing you are referring to the bar he owns. You obviously don't know the story. The dispute is between Hine's business partner who actually runs the day to day operation of the bar and that guy's wife. The partner is in a messy divorce and was hiding cash from his wife. Who could blame him? In any event, it doesn't involve Hines.
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  4. Double G

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    Only a retard Steelers fan ( honestly, do they have ANY fans who aren't retarded) would start a thread about a game almost two months down the road, throwing in crap about cheating to boot.

    You want to talk about cheating; over half of your fvcking team that won the Super Bowls in the 1970's was on the sauce, so back off with the cheating crap. Your team wrote the book on it.

    Prepare to see your team get the beating of their life on that day, ten times worse than the AFCCG massacre from the 2004 season. You remember that one don't you, it was going to be a cakewalk for your stoolers to another Super Bowl title, Mr Joey "They will never ever, ever, ever, ever be on our level (WTF was that babbling rant all about)" Porter providing the ammo. Too bad that stiff isn't still on your team, oh well, he's in a much better place now..............
  5. I didn't throw in cheating. I just refer to your coach as Billecheat now. It's easier for me to spell.

    Joey is a punk. Didn't we release him? Maybe we knew something. I'm surprised NE didn't pick him up. You seem to like our leftovers. How is Chad Scott by the way? Or Poteat? Or Josh Miller?

    Yes the 70's Steelers were on the sauce. At least the offensive line was. No sauce was needed for Joe Greene though. Speaking of the sauce... you do realize half your team is using HGH right? I hear it works wonders for your defense, half of which is older than our olderest player. Seriously.
  6. Fixit

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    I'm not sure, but Vrabel seems to be doing okay.
  7. Yes Vrable has done well for himself. Then you guys taught him to play dirty. It must have been Rodney "I like Hitler mustaches" Harrison passing along his dirty ways. I don't like Vrable, but you have plenty of other players I hate much more, so I'll give him a pass.
  8. Coast2CoastPatsFan

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    Just make sure Hines "Crybaby" Ward is well stocked with Kleenex after the beating the Pats lay down on his team. I can hardly wait to hear all the excuses the sore loser comes up with this time around...............:rolleyes:
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  9. You wish you had a Hines Ward. Those tears represent passion for his team and the game. Somehow I don't think old Randy cares that much.

    Speaking of Randy. I can't wanit to see him match up against Ike Taylor. I realize Randy has some skills and there will be some situations that will favor Randy; however, Ike is a great corner to play against him. Ike is big for a corner at 6'1". He is every bit as fast if not faster than Randy and can run with him step for step down the field. Everyone knows Randy hates to get hit. Ike is physical and will beat him up all game. I will concede Randy will have the advantage for jump balls as Moss's strength is playing the ball in air. That said, I simply can't wait.
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  10. Coast2CoastPatsFan

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    Are you frickin' kidding me? I wouldn't want that whiny excuse maker anywhere near my team. In case you haven't noticed, Mr. Delusional, the Patriots are a class organization that doesn't cry, make excuses, and discredit the opposition after a loss. Hines Ward would be well served in attending "How To Be A Gracious Loser 101" and you know damned well what I'm talking about.

    Yeah, Patriot Nation can hardly wait for December 9 as well, but we have other obstacles to clear beforehand. Just make sure you have the sack to come back here and take your lumps after your team gets theirs handed to them by an elite team like the Patriots. Somehow I hardly think you'll have the gumption to return afterward, just like a typical Stooler fan...................:rolleyes:
  11. jays52

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    The Steelers are MEGA-SUPER-AWESOME! Seriously, this is a team to be taken super-cereal. C'mon you guys, the Steelers are good, too! They like totally have a running game, Santonio (which, contrary to popular belief is a human, not a city), Football's Tiger Woods and Motorcyle-Master on offense...and um they totally have Casey Hampton who as everyone knows is like a million billion times better than Wilfork! And our new coach, he's like so super-inventive because we like totally can pass the ball now too! C'mon you guys, someone pay attention to us!
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  12. Good luck in Indy. I sincerely hope you win so we can play you for home field advantage. The Dolts are overrated this year anyway. Their defense didn't magically get better from last year, and their offense is basically the same. The blueprint for beating them is the same as beating NE. Hot the QB early and often.
  13. Fixit

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    Moss is 6'4" and one of the fastest players in the game...still. He's already taken some pretty good licks and popped right back up for more. He also catches anything and everything thrown anywhere close to him.

    But he definitely fears future Hall-of-Famer Ike Taylor.
  14. Randy catches everything thrown to him... as long its down the sideline. And yes Ike runs a 4.2 just like Randy.
  15. That's true.
  16. jays52

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    No, Ike runs a 3.8 and has a 67 inch veticle...get your facts straight, gosh!
  17. Fixit

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    Taylor ran a 4.33 at the combine. That 4.2 you're talking about was at his school's pro day, and those numbers are always exaggerated.

    But Moss fears him nonetheless.
  18. Fixit

    Fixit Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    By the way, if you've been watching football, you've seen all of the crossing routes that Moss has been running and making plays. The guy's running every pattern imaginable.

    But you already knew that, because you're such a knowledgeable fan.
  19. Listen, I'm not saying Moss is no good. I'm not even saying Ike is better. All I'm saying is I'm not worried about it. We always shut down top receivers. Just ask T.O., Chad Johnson, etc, etc. Moss will have about 50 yards receiving and zero TD's.

  20. A tiger doesn't change its stripes. The Randy Moss/NE Patriot story is still in chapter 1. I'm anxious to turn the page and see what chapter 2 has in store.
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