death of a Holy_Diver type of criminal

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by tanked_as_usual, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. PressCoverage

    PressCoverage Banned

    it's against the terms of service to call out another poster in the subject line...

    clearly, however, the moderators appear to have lost control of this forum, with the influx of new instigating, confrontational types who bring zero to the table but racist diatribe.
  2. Re: death of a HD type of criminal

    I did not know bad......

    but the fact remains
  3. Re: death of a HD type of criminal

    so its OK to use their initials and for everyone to know who you are talking about, but not OK to use the actual name?
  4. so maverick does the same EXACT thing to NE_Patriot, and you replied in that thread, but you failed to mention any terms of service in that one......

    guess that one was OK because you happened to agree with're such a fricking hypocrite
  5. PressCoverage

    PressCoverage Banned

    well, no... i don't condone it by them at all, but I didn't really see it either...

    but, more appropriately, it's just that I can't stand you and the way you and your new influx of friends are ruining the forum... get it yet?

    take your ritalin, breathe, and count to 10 crazy person.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2009
  6. awww.....poor baby doesn't get uninterrupted circle-jerk time with his libbie pals

    the forum was already ruined, and is now coming back to life now that it is being saved from miserable hypocrites such as yourself.........get it yet?
  7. patsfan13

    patsfan13 Hall of Fame Poster Supporter

    THis is pretty much like the scummy thread started by Darrylis this am not right to start a thread based on a personal attack\.
  8. PatriotsReign

    PatriotsReign Hall of Fame Poster

    #18 Jersey

  9. agreed.....
  10. patsfan13

    patsfan13 Hall of Fame Poster Supporter

    True. good point.
  11. Holy Diver

    Holy Diver Pro Bowl Player

    #80 Jersey


    Honestly, post all the $h!t in the subject line with my name in it that you want, you have become irrelevant from your lack of substance. Wishing to build your status through the number of postings, not the content. As I've stated in the past (and this is a rule of LIFE in general) If you have nothing constructive to say, SHUT THE FUKC UP!...Nobody cares.

    Your kind has come an gone from this forum, many times.
  12. you've never said anything constructive, but that hasn't stopped you.......

    like I said before.........c'mon and shut me up
  13. Holy Diver

    Holy Diver Pro Bowl Player

    #80 Jersey

    Point and case.
  14. exactly........
  15. Holy Diver

    Holy Diver Pro Bowl Player

    #80 Jersey

    Okay pal....

    put your money where your mouth is.....

    Tell me EXACTLY what you meant by the subject matter that you posted :

    "death of a Holy_Diver type of criminal"

    and the link you provided

    Nagasaki A-bomb plane co-pilot dies at age 88 - Yahoo! News

    I'll be MORE THAN happy to reply.
  16. PressCoverage

    PressCoverage Banned

    Tool, you haven't saved anything from anyone... Far better Con man posters than yourself have been through here... You're just a re-hash of the same parroted talking points.

    You hate the black guy in office... We get it. ... What else do you have to offer? I mean, seriously? Do you have any ideas about the future? The geopolitical landscape? Climate change? Peak oil? All you have in your arsenal is partisan hissy fits, short-sighted rhetoric and tough guy challenges behind the safety of your anonymous computer screen. Coward.

    You bring nothing new or insightful, you have no ideas. Your entire presense here is rooted in confrontation, and middle school antagonation. Put together a coherent, thought-provoking essay, and maybe people will respect you. As it is, you garner absolutely none for yourself. Not even from your ideological allies here.

    I swear, you're Obi-Qui, with a new handle.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2009
  17. IcyPatriot

    IcyPatriot ------------- Supporter

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    I think both mods have become exhausted by this old situation that remains the same while the names change. They are both tired and perhaps sick of the jobs they have. it is what it is but the situation should not be tolerated ... Calling out in a thread should be an automatic vacation ... IMO.
  18. Patters

    Patters Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    The forum has been running quite well up until a week or two ago. I guess we'll need to start shutting down more threads. C'est la vie.
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