Dean Pees job had with little to work with

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  2. emoney_33

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    Not more of this crap. :rolleyes:
  3. IronSheik

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    The Pats were 5th in the most important stat in the NFL for a defense, which is points allowed. Yet very few here would say that the Pats defense was top 5 in talent.

    Pats rankings in points allowed since 2006.
    06 2nd
    07 4th
    08 8th
    09 5th
  4. IcyPatriot

    IcyPatriot ------------- Supporter

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    Pees did okay with what he had, injuries and loss of veterans. The defense was really not the problem. it was not championship caliber but it was good enough if our offense had better health.
  5. wilfork is beastin'

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    It goes both ways. Yes, the Patriots have had a dropoff in defensive talent due to age and players leaving, but Pees never really did anything to improve the defense. How many times did we complain about our scheme being vanilla and boring, and that we wanted it to be more aggressive?
  6. IronSheik

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    But how much did Belichick have to do with the defense being vanilla the last few years.
  7. Walpole Pats Fan

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    i think the problem was that the defense hasn't been CLUTCH. solid, but when the D needed to make a big play in a clutch situation it never happened.
  8. Deus Irae

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    People always blame the coordinators. It means nothing. They *****ed about Weis and Crennel. They *****ed about McDaniels. Hell, if BB takes over the Defensive Coordinator job, people will still ***** about the schemes. We know this because Belichick was all over the defense this season, and people still complained about it. The man considered by many to be the greatest defensive mind in NFL history is too vanilla and boring for his fan base.
  9. Brady to Brown

    Brady to Brown 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    You all can close your eyes if you want. Over the past 3 years 3rd and 12, 3rd and 15, 3rd and 20 was almost certainly a first down. I have no idea who's fault that is.
  10. TriplecHamp

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    I wanted McDaniels to become like Jason Garret and eventually succeed BB.
  11. ALP

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    if the offense resembled 07 even a little bit, we would be congradulating this D right now
  12. Rob0729

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    I have always stated people focus too much on coordinators over play on the field. I do agree to some point that Pees didn't have the talent, but Crennel was able to hide problems like the CBs in 2004, Otis Smith in 2001, etc. I think Pees could have done a better job in areas, but I also think he was hindered by talent.

    The thing I haven't liked about Pees for a while now is that his adjustments (at least his ability to instruct the defensea) have obviously been lacking. Belichick have been working with the defense during the game for years. It wasn't as big of a deal with McDaniels calling the offense, but with a rookie signal caller, it definitely hurt the Pats.
  13. IcyPatriot

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    Bill was talking to the defense ... and he had the same results as Pees ...

    Blaming Pees for lack of adjustments is wrong ... Bill is in on all calls.

    They did not have the players to make the adjustments ... players that were effective in multiple roles.
  14. Rob0729

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    Well, the fact that Pees was stripped of that duty (which is one of the larger responsibilities on gameday of a DC) doesn't speak well to his abilities to do the job. Just because the defense failed to make the adjustments with Belichick might strengthen the talent argument, but that doesn't mean that Belichick didn't possibly think Pees was far worse at it.
  15. upstater1

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    The best post of the thread.

    Now it's on Belichick.

    Whatever Pees was doing, it wasn't good enough for Belichick, and I'd take Belichick's judgement over any of the ones defending Pees here, especially since Bill's defense in 1996 had even LESS talent than this defense did.

    Or, do we long for the days of Mike Jones, Pio Sagapolutele, Mark Wheeler and Ferric Collons?

    I watched Pees up close in college and he was very Wade Phillips-like at Kent State. I was at two games where they played, one in Ypsilanti, Michigan and one at Kent State against UConn, and the guy flipped a gasket and chewed out Randy Edsall for supposedly running up the score. He was a totally different guy on the sidelines for the Patriots, and I really wonder how much of a personality clash there was, and it will be interesting to see if his sidelines demeanor is any different coaching for Josh "Pumped and Jacked" McDaniels.
  16. Patjew

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    Or 2008's.
  17. nashvillepatsfan

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    I thought the D far exceeded my expectations for this year. I really felt like BB is rebuilding the D, and they were going to be so-so this year. If not for the one big run from Rice, the Pats D played a pretty good game against the Ravens. Granted, the Ravens were kind of one dimensional, so i doubt we wouldve done too well against the Colts.

    Bottom line, If the offense makes a play when they NEED to, this team wins alot more. I expect this problem will be fixed for next season :mad:
  18. IronSheik

    IronSheik On the Roster

    I would love to see a stat for 3rd long and I don't there would be much of difference over the past decade.
  19. chevss454

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    I heard Bear Bryant say once "great players can make any coach look great no matter what the coach does to mess it up". I believe if Pees had more talent he would look better to us. OTOH, there were many times when an aggressive calculated risk would/could have saved the day. Also, if adjustments were made during games, they were done so transparently and without significant effectiveness, at least to my eyes.

    Pees, imo, could have done better.

    Dick LeBeau, former DC of the Steelers, also ran a 3/4 but his version attacked the offense relentlessly. Pees ran the "bend but dont break/ read and react" 3/4 (more like the original Bullough version). BB has been successful with the latter both with the Giants, the Jets and now the Pats.

    One major diff I see is that when "Bruschi's" Pats needed a stop, they attacked and got the stop more often than not.

    Did Pees have complete say over the defensive scheme? I dont know but I doubt it. But if he had come up with a great idea to help the D, BB would most certainly have allowed its implementation.

    Ultimately, lack of ideas is what did Pees in.
  20. Scouse Patriot

    Scouse Patriot 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    For all we know it could have been the human in Belichick here rather than a control freak. Pees wasn't a healthy man and has even said himself he needs time. Seems like he can't commit to the work that needs doing on D and if thats the case it probrably best to get someone in who can.
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